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    Tied my rope to the 150 foot throw line. The bag went up beyond 150 feet, and started pulling rope. As it settled, and I fed it rope, the knot caused thing to pause- so the limb was about 148 feet! Not a strong enough treetop to climb, but fun to test with.
  2. New Revision 10 launcher, Throw bag test. (Arborists)

    New Revision 10 launcher, Throw bag test. (Arborists)

    Ok, I want things to be apples to apples, so I bought a Weaver throw line kit with 2mm line and a 16 oz bag. The New Rev. 10 launcher, with a tiny 18" barrel I had for fishing. First try ever with a throw bag. The work I did with the USFS was weighted 6oz 'dead' tennis balls and smaller .8 mm...

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