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    Joey Cornell with NRAT?

    Hey Kenda, Give me a shout (and your email address) and I will get you the pix I have of your dad.
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    Aerial Lift Train-the-Trainer Workshop

    When: Friday, March 13, 2015 8:30am - 4:30pm Overview: This one day workshop will cover . . . Adult education best practices for tree care workers with a specific review of best practices for OJT and conducting training demos in the field with emphasis on Spanish-speaking employees. How...
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    Lost a great friend

    I was fortunate to have known Bruce and his family somewhat. My first real experience with them was when I helped out with the Florida Chapter TCC in 2002. The trip started with my stepping into a fire ant nest and ended with footlocking throwline in a lightning storm… good times, good times. (I...
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    Seven years...

    I still find it hard to believe that it has been seven years. Very few days go by that I dont remember him, think about him, think about something that he taught me. I think that the most significant thing that he taught me was the tree is a "system." He also made me question everything that I...
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    Xcel Energy presents Tree Worker Safety;feature=plcp
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    Joey Cornell with NRAT?

    Re: Joey Cornell with NRAT/IRAT? My apologies for the delay in getting this out, but I was unable to access my address list while I was on the road. The text of the email was written on January 24, Joey’s birthday… As I write this, I am remembering that today would have been Joey's 42nd...
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    Joey Cornell with NRAT?

    Re: Joey Cornell with NRAT/IRAT? I was given the extreme honor, by Joey's parents, to assist with spreading his 'spirit' and have been doing so for the last six months. Below is the current list of places that Joey and I have traveled since then: • Las Vegas, NV o The casino at...
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    Joey Cornell with NRAT?

    I had dinner at Joey’s parent’s house on Wednesday February 16, hard to believe it was a month since we lost him. It was good, as always, to spend time with his parents. We had a nice home-cooked meal and then sat around talking, as I knew we would. They were kind enough to show me some...
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    Joey Cornell with NRAT?

    Re: Joey Cornell with NRAT/IRAT? Today would have been Joey's 41st birthday. Happy Birthday Brother. See you soon, but not too soon...
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    Joey Cornell with NRAT?

    Re: Joey Cornell with NRAT/IRAT? Update I would like to share some of the thoughts and feelings from yesterday’s funeral mass for Joey. It was crushingly sad to have to start to admit that we will all have to say goodbye to our friend, but it was also pleasantly (in) appropriate… I knew I...
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    Crane Operator Knocks Over Building And Himself
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    Job Opportunity - Regional Urban Forester - Austin A message from John Giedraitis, Texas Urban Forestry Program Manager: We are looking for a Regional Urban Forester to head up our Austin, Texas office. Austin is the “Live Music Capitol of the World” and...
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    Climbing to new heights with the help of SSA On Saturday Oct. 10, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point chapter of the Student Society of Arboriculture invited children in the community to experience firsthand, the reason why many...
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    Time-lapse Video of California Forest Fire
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    Apply for DOL Job Opportunities