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    2002 Palfinger PK 50002 16ton

    yes it will handle the saw , Tr33Climb3r do you have pictures and or details ?
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    truck exhaust near operators seat

    Search around for a deverter valve that goes in the exhaust pipe ,they use them on the big triaxle dump trucks to direct the hot exhaust into the body so the load won't freeze to the sides of the truck body. Switch it so the exhaust blows out the side when operating the crane and up when driving...
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    Where to store the mecanil saw while driving?

    OH NO Carolinatreeco you are going to be there ?!?! Are we going to have to listen to you talk about your Treemek ? LOL
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    Where to store the mecanil saw while driving?

    What state are you in ? Come on out for a few days we can talk shop about cranes and all of the other stuff that goes along with them!!
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    Where to store the mecanil saw while driving?

    Save your money and have your local welding shop build the box in your dump body , the box is much easier to hook up and unhook the grapplesaw than the post that tiffin uses
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    Where to store the mecanil saw while driving?

    islandedge are you coming to TCI expo ? If you are this is an invitation to come meet and talk to 20 treemek owners on Wednesday night before the show !
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    Reccomendation for Crane and Rigging Books

    Ya that Steve Beep Conelly is a pain in my beep LOL !!!! greatest guy you would ever want to meet and be friends with !!! I need to call you more often and catch up !!
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    Proud to announce!!!!

    Maybe i am misinformed but The Craneman climber safety class is recognized by TCIA , and that has been for some years now?
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    1st real job for the knuckle boom.

    My last post was for lumberjack and for you also Islandedge . What lumberjack did by retracting his stabilizers and driving with a load on the crane is a sure way of tipping your crane , the crane manufacturer would not stand behind you if an accident did occur. Every load chart lists the weight...
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    1st real job for the knuckle boom.

    Allmark would know better than me but if you raise the fly jib up all of the way the hook should be accessible behind the fly jib knuckle , you should get in the habit of calculating log weights and not fall back on the " if the computer says its ok " relying on the computer is a sure way of...
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    Finally joined the crane gang..

    Hey there islandedge sorry i have been busy with other stuff , Great to see you with a Kboom you will change the way you do tree work! I do have a front stabilizer on the bumper and that helped a lot by taking stress off of my front axle ( which is a 20,000 lb rating) giving me more stability...
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    Gerasimek's Tree-mek

    Hey Bo can i ask why you chose the 40002 crane and now you are going to the 63002?
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    New guy crane questions

    Hay Colb some of the climbers i work with pref one side of their body to the other because of more strength , and when working with a chainsaw body position is everything ! You know we would in a perfect world like to stand firm to cut but the tree dictates body position so use your strong side...
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    New guy crane questions

    Who has the tie in for the climber that goes on the load line? If you prefer one side of your body to be close to the piece . Does the operator prefer one style of cut over another? Don't pick up a piece that is so big you can't land it ! Set up will dictate that.
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    Lubing wear pads

    The KBoom does require lube ,Palfinger uses a spray lube that goes on wet and than drys and does not rub off easily, it is expensive , i do it every 5 to 6 months . i would not go longer than that , one can will last for two applications .

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