Reccomendation for Crane and Rigging Books


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I searched amazon and didn't see much. I was looking for a good book where I can broaden my knowledge should I venture into doing non tree related crane work.

Steve can't really answer your question about the books but what I did the last 2 winters during the slower times is went out with my crane guy who I've been using the last 12 years and just go through the motions with him watch the way he sets the cranes up, uses different blocks ( not that it applies to k booms ) slings, sling angles, where he gets other trades to hook onto to for balancing etc. Where and where
Not to be setting up, driving etc. I learned a ton from him and still ask him questions when I need answers. It's made me a very confident operator already ! He let me run the crane at some jobs also and gave me an added boost of confidence!

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