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    anyone climbing on Atlantic Braids Endurance Aya?

    I've been using the purple/green Endurance with a Hitch Hiker for a couple months. I love it. I like that it feels like it has less stretch then the Yale 7/16"s the I was using previously. Might be a little less knotable than others lines, but if you're climbing SRS, it's not like you'd be...
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    TreeMotion for small waist?

    I've been having some issues with my tree motion sliding around my hips. Do you find the suspenders make a difference? Can I ask what suspenders you're using?
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    Klemheist as SRS hitch

    I feel like I should know the answer to this, but don't. Is there a reason we the klemheist shouldn't be used, as a hitch, if it is configured with a wrench (or another device to add friction)?
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    Sticht Hitch

    I love seeing all these variations. At first it made me think of an f8, but moving the bend in the rope in-between the hitch and the biner, but I realize it's quite different. This is my take on it. I wish the quickie was wider so I could use a larger diameter cord.
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    If you had to share 1 thing.....

    One thing I really noticed that changed when I switched to srs is planning. I found it a lot easier to think of how I could plan my climb from the top down so I could incorporate natural crotch redirects and have my "tip" above me. Of course this only really works with basal anchors.
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    If you had to share 1 thing.....

    For basal anchors there should be terms for things like the last crotch that a climber uses on the ascent side, or the last crotch on the anchor side, whether the highest point is on the ascent side, anchor side, or the middle, etc, etc. Mostly me being a little too anal, but it might help with...
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    F8 Revolver Advice?

    Oh, yeah. That's a clear way of putting it. Thanks.
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    F8 Revolver Advice?

    Those who have tried out a diy, micro pulley, wrench, does a shorter or longer tether work better? Since the lever of that the wrench has isn't present, I'm trying to understand which length the tether should be.
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    Srt device?

    If Lupin_IV isn't interested, I might be
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    F8 Revolver Advice?

    I like the design. Does the piece that connects the two sideplates of the pulley interfere with the movement of the tether?
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    F8 Revolver Advice?

    I used to use a figure eight with a biner. That's probably more than you'd want to spent, if that's all you'd be using it for.
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    Removing EAB trees

    True, the cold winters here can be slowing the spread.
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    Removing EAB trees

    I didn't see any of the criss cross patterns. Do you think the markings between the rings would be a sign of past activity from a cambium miner?
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    Removing EAB trees

    I wish I had more experience with a crane. I feel like my cautiousness will override my curiousity. I removed one today. I noticed these brown marks between some of the rings. Does anyone know what they indicate?
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    Removing EAB trees

    Where I am, EAB showed up a couple years ago. We're starting to see it spread, but slowly. I feel like any day it will be seen everywhere. I can read about the signs, etc., but I'm curious what arborists, in the field, think about working with infested trees.

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