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    Crane accident...

    I want to make it clear that I mean this with all due respect, but in my opinion I agree with the people who are saying both are at fault and this situation shows gross incompetence on all parties involved. If you don't know enough physics / rigging / trees in general to be able to tell where to...
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    Redirecting Rope to Limb Walk

    Subscribe to Richard Mumford on YT - there are a few videos on this topic of his. He does load tests of anchors and what-not at different angles, redirects, systems, etc.
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    RE Akimbo setting and rope

    Petition to rename the 'arms' to 'jaws' My kid calls my akimbo the Chomper :LOL:
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    Johnny Pro

    What a journey, wading through this thread..."posthumously."
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    Canopy anchor curiosity

    Yeah, it's also nice because if you get up to your anchor and need to go higher or elsewhere you can untie it aloft and set it again rather than dealing with the hassle of untying an alpine up there.
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    High Cribbing - Best way to be stable??

    Yeah those pads look real sweet - I'm gonna have to track some down
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    High Cribbing - Best way to be stable??

    Regular basis - 1-3 times per week, but rarely does slope come up to this degree.
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    High Cribbing - Best way to be stable??

    Anybody got any tips? We have loads of 6x6s that we will jenga stack to go under our wider outrigger pads, but once the stack goes up beyond 2 to 3 layers I've been quite concerned with stability. For our rear stabilizer we have another jenga stack that goes even higher too. Last time I tried...
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    Technical Crane Question for you experienced operators!!

    Okay, gotcha. So the 7700 pound of max pull from the winch on 1 part line applies to lowering as well?
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    Technical Crane Question for you experienced operators!!

    Isn't the limiting factor of 7700 of 1-part line in reference to the breaking strength of the line itself? If so it would be folly to overload that no matter what the situation is.

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