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    Double Fisherman's Bend in a bottle

    Winchman, how did it get damaged? just curious. Thanks
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    tree splits below climber while climber tops tree

    a picture is worth 1000 words! You and I are in that statistical category (age wise) where surviving something like that is rare. Absolute tragedy what happened. Thanks for the visual. Lightning struck Pines and Poplars sketch me out around here.
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    Why do you climb trees for recreation?

    This is old, but here's one reason I do.
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    Mini Articulating wheel loaders.

    The "plastic" panels were a concern for us as well, we ended up purchasing the reinforced panels and have been pretty lucky so far. We are at about 550 hours.
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    Mini Articulating wheel loaders.

    We use an Avant 528 in our cemetery. Hasn't let us down yet. Turf tires as well.
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    man pulled through chipper

    This could lead to a great thread. we could call it "advice (or quotes) from salty pros"... I'll start. This is a response I heard when I asked why a guy wasn"t wearing a hard hat. "The way I see it, if you know what your doing, you shouldn"t have to wear one of those stupid things" We haven't...
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    Kids harness suggestions please

    Cory< I have a ouititsi (sp?) petzl i can let you borrow for a bit. at 2.5 full body harness is, from my experience, absolutely essential.
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    Fir zip-line

    Reg, there hasn"t been a video that you (and Gord for that matter) have posted that I haven't picked up a positive tweek in my technique. I think it's safe to say many if not all of us here benefit from your efforts. Thanks.
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    Kentucky 2011

    ...I snuck in and with the big inflatable bouncies at the other end of the park, snuck back out. Had my son in tow, he wasn"t feeling real good. For those I got to see and chat with it was great! for those I missed, I'm bummed I didn't get to say hello. I really can't remember better weather. It...
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    Kentucky 2011

    That is some fantastic news Cory.... It's great to see you finally get what (just an opinion, no offense to anyone) I thought you deserved back in 06'. You will rep. KY well. Just as Chris and Jesse have done in the past. Of course Hawaii was well represented when you went too. Congrats on an...
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    Awolnation.... excellent choice. Liked seeing "dad" supporting as always. Nice vid.. You can tell that man loves his work. Petzl is lucky. Thanks for posting.
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    Amsteel winch line question..

    Thanks.... Seriously, TreeBuzz is probably the best resource around.
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    Amsteel winch line question..

    What works best for you guys? Splice and thimble; splice no thimble? Also what are your solutions to pull through? Our cable has a hook and large rubber grommet. Interested to hear what works best... trying to skip the trial and error portion. Thanks
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    Kentucky 2011

    we lost a State champion shingle oak; Large white oak,a bunch of tulip polar damage(go figure)some sugar maples as well. All of our hard woods were uprooted and our softer ones had lead and limb damage. Its not as bad as it has been in the past but loosing the shingle oak was a bummer. Thanks...
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    Kentucky 2011

    How did the park do with the recent storm? Was that you waving the other day Cory in one of your trucks. I know everyone had a busy week.