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    TreeMotion S.light & Matt Cornell Valiant & various gear

    Yer trying to melt my wallet throwing the valiant pads up man
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    Samsom Hyperclimb and marlow vega Samson hyperclimb and marlow vega, the latter is particularly choice
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    Michoacan/petroacan is the hitch of hitches imo. Tried many, its flawless in comparison and anytime I make a move to improve my system it works even better. 26" 9.3 epi on 11.7s, but just grabbed a 24" hrc which seems to be the pinnacle of performance for a hitch based SRS system. Ideal for the...
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    Best state for climbers?

    I sure hope for the opportunity someday, a new baby is a bit of an anchor currently :b
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    Best state for climbers?

    Minnesota has some very fun wide burr oaks. Cottonwoods are generally the tallest. This mid-atlantic talk has me dreamin, the more enthralled with SRT I become the more I wish for a smorgasbord of extremely widespread hardwoods
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    Dumbest climb

    Funny how things change. I got involved in urban exploring pretty heavily via a forum very similar to this one. Climbed quite a few construction cranes, tall churches with structurally questionable access routes, all kinds of dumb stuff. Much better to have a controlled outlet with a community...
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    Boxer 532DX for sale

    Where is Granger?
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    Rope Wrench / Hitch Climber Question

    Exactly as you said, pull it up more than slightly even, as high as you can. Makes fidgeting about to remove all that stuff much less ridiculous
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    Iso: books?

    I do not, it was on my list originally but saw mixed reviews so wasnt sure if it was something I should throw at the top of my list or should acquire later on. Are you referring to the "worldwide photo guide" or "tree pruning basics"? I love more basic information delivered in a way that just...
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    Iso: books?

    People tend to hold their libraries dear, and understandably so. Looking to start building my collection and seeing as I'm about to have a kid (today or tomorrow in fact), so figured I'd see if anyone has any good old fashioned paper material they would be willing to part with at a fair price! I...
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    Guy on here was selling quite a few a couple weeks ago, might still be available. I think it was @ArborwayClimber
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    2020—Good cheer for the Holidays

    December 21st : "the twin cities might possibly squeek out a white christmas, maybe a dusting. Maybe." December 22nd: blizzard warning. Classic. Merry Christmas to all in this strange year. Hopefully it ends on a good note for everyone.
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    How would you make this cut?

    Oof, that's got me anxious for the tree. Hoping I didn't do major irreparable damage here. Do you recall what reason the tree in your sample cut had to be removed? Did it look like active decay? If that's even something you can tell
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    How would you make this cut?

    Yeah, it was a tough angle for me. I should have took a before photo as well as I was quite confused, the collar was much taller on the left side. Lesson learned.
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    Rope wrench, tether, carabiners, pulley, rings....

    No worries sir. I might, I'll pm ya about the helmet actually.

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