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    California certs/classes for PHC recommendations.

    I have learned the most from my local university extension website, check and see if you have that resource available. Here is a free book I stumbled on.
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    What to charge for EAB 2 year injections?

    We've been doing trunk injections with Tree-age the last 4 years and the standard rate has always been $8.00-$10.00 per inch, with a few larger jobs around $7.00 per inch. The new dilemma, quoting as low as $7.00 per inch we are being under bid by as much as $2.00 per inch. We are located in...
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    A write up I did about tree health and fertilization

    It was well received at the company I work for and estimators pushed fertilization a bit more. Trees and turf grass competition in the urban environment Research indicates that turf grass significantly reduces tree root development. Kentucky bluegrass is the predominant turf grass because the...
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    Tree-Age vs. Arbor Mectin

    Wow really? Maybe you should learn some manners and learn how to read. You CAN get arbormectin from rotam. They ship for free, by the case of 4.
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    Tree-Age vs. Arbor Mectin

    You are incorrect. Rotam sells arbormectin. Lawsuit was arborjet vs rainbow scientific. Arborplugs seal the wound and prevent product from leaking and provides surface area for bark to heal over. Tree physiology dictates uptake speed. If you are trying to inject when it's hotter than...
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    Tree-Age vs. Arbor Mectin

    The Tree Iv is a micro infusion, better for large trees with higher volume of product needed. The quick jet is a micro injection, better for small trees with low volume needed. You could dilute but you may as well be using the IV then.
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    Tree-Age vs. Arbor Mectin

    Yes with the tree IV 1 to 1 but not with the quick jet.
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    Tree-Age vs. Arbor Mectin

    I try to find Trunk tissue that's a adjacent to root flares, the depth of the hole to be drilled and also the plug placement needs to be just right, it might leak if too shallow but too deep and it will slow down. I also just got a quick Jet And that thing is amazing. One job I treated 9 Trees...
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    Tree-Age vs. Arbor Mectin

    Re evaluate your technique, you will improve with more experience. Rainbow is hurting for trying to copy arborjet and then getting sued. We'll see how it plays out. Rainbow sent us an ad for a free $1700 iq infuser with purchase of $1000 of xytect. Their overpriced imidacloprid. They are...
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    Tree-Age vs. Arbor Mectin

    I'm on my 4th case of tree-age so far this year. Uptake has been lightning fast with the steady rain we've had. Technique plays a big part of how well trees will uptake.

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