What to charge for EAB 2 year injections?

We've been doing trunk injections with Tree-age the last 4 years and the standard rate has always been $8.00-$10.00 per inch, with a few larger jobs around $7.00 per inch. The new dilemma, quoting as low as $7.00 per inch we are being under bid by as much as $2.00 per inch.

We are located in Minnesota and our neighbor Rainbow tree care has contracted with minnetonka to treat thousands of public ash. They have extended the bulk rate to homeowners for an average cost of $97.00 for a 17" diameter tree or approximately $5.70 per inch.

http://eminnetonka.com/images/proje...aturalresources/Tree Injection Flyer 2015.pdf

These rates are so low we have to lower our prices and switch to the generic arbormectin to save a few bucks. Has anyone else had this happen in their cities? What is the going rate?
Rainbow is an aweful company and their practices of extending prices to homeowners is a shady practice. They get the cities involved and have them marketing for Rainbow by having these deals pushed in utility bills. I find this to be a conflict of interest. Your price was in the ballpark of what we charge. When it comes to competing you just have to sell yourself. Contact me if you want and we can chat anytime.

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Bryan Arbor doctor. If you could better explain reasoning behind charging double and triple, than what product itself cost you to purchase, Apply, insurance and mileage? $6 should be the professionals going rate, and $8 for medium high and high high emamectin benzoate rate. I know...it's the American way, and don't screw with my business I rely on to support my family with. Isn't there a law against scalping customers during a national disaster. $10-$14 DBH is a crime, especially for imidacloprid. So put me in jail for taking away those businesses customers, after clueing tree owners in on the truth. Most even tip me the difference, while getting their friends and families other tree business as well.

I could care less what rainbow does, but also had gotten my mother at the village which does water billing. To include inoculation cost in monthly cycle, whatever's easier for our citizens. It's difference between public considering inoculation a better option, than removal costing $1,500 to $5,000. Because no one can replace trees anymore, after every one of them arriving already too deep in the root ball from nurseries. Costing Taxpayers same as managing original parkway tree against EAB for 120 yrs., by the time second replacement tree needs to be installed within the next 25 years. Our structural pruning services available during young trees formative years, along with root flare excavations back to birth grade. Has just exploded, after such poor nursery and landscapers practices. Who are they crapping?

I've worked very hard here in Chicago. In order to teach municipalities in-house workers on how to properly inject both public and private citizens trees. To get resident ash tree owners cost down to $4 per DBH during this time of need to responsibly conserve critically endangered All American species. In fact China should be the one supplying this stuff for the price of water, if only we could get Arbotech S20 down to $500 per Elm tree. As those owners have no choice but to full dose for trees remaining life. Propiconazole is not always an option.

Then other Tree Care people wipe egg off their face, when claiming inoculating trees is too expensive. Yeah for performing a miracle! And claiming that full dosing will be required for remaining life of tree. When 12 years later here in Chicago, we're able to low dose customers trees now every 4 years. Once fatal danger from infestation populations had permanently past, without enough remaining trees to rebuild populations with like borers had during beginning of event. And we've gotten ISA to caution certification holders, to either stop promoting removal only. Or face loss of ones certification.

How in the hell could great number of arborist end up assuming since they were already DED experts, that automatically made them EAB experts. Mixing science and arboriculture is such a thrill, getting to debate others that would rather personally masturbates their own theories and assumptions. Sorry, but if I got to hear another expert state again how EAB infects and diseases trees. Someone's going to get a pruning pole smacked against their knuckles.


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Tough to compete with the company selling the chemical if they also are applying it! - especially in bulk. I'd quit treating before doing TREE-age for $5.70 per inch of DBH...so I see where you are coming from. Your pricing sounds about right to me. I've been doing them for about 10 years. If all goes well, that is good money. But not every client lives 5 minutes away. Equipment breaks. Some injections go really slow.

I'm not sure there is a conflict of interest going on with what Rainbow is doing. Have the cities offered opportunities for other companies to bid the trees? If you were doing that many, I'd assume you can drive prices down pretty significantly with bulk purchases and with cheaper dedicated technicians. If the city is not bidding the work, check ordinances to see if they are required to do so. Ask to be included in bid invitations and give it a go.


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From my own personal perspective, if a wholesale pesticide manufacturer put themselves in direct competition with the contractors who buy application material from them, as a contractor I'd vote with my dollars and buy my stuff from another supplier. Continuing to buy material from them under those circumstances is like paying them to put you out of business.


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Didn't we just have an article in the TCI mag about this part of the business being great to get into? Maybe the month before last I'm not sure.
Heating up bit, by drilling into live trunk tissue too fast has become a pretty common problem. And when we first started trunk injecting trees with new tree-age back in 2008, formulation was to toxic to the tree system. Causing tissue death directly above injection sites. Thankfully I've never seen that ever again.

It was only recently I learned about how USA sent huge problematic bugs to China too! NASA is going all out to make sure we don't invertedly introduce life to one of the moons of planets were visiting.
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