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    This is the Akimbo

    Dammit. That is so sexy, you offer this porn, and then tell me I cannot have sex until maybe sometime this spring...that's rude.
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    SCAM 3:1 MA and Remotely Retrievable Redirect

    Dang. I was hoping you were close so I could take that Akimbo for a ride ;-)
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    SCAM 3:1 MA and Remotely Retrievable Redirect

    That is cool FreeFallin. Where in WI are you? I am in Mt. Horeb.
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    Great Mask for Respiratory Protection

    Just ordered one. Thanks!
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    Stihl ms 461 new model

    yup what they said. Also consider the 28" ultra light bar. Makes for one heck of a "big" saw.
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    Epic VA Treemek Build

    Been in too many logo conversations where most folks over think it. The customers are "attracted" to logos for the aesthetics not the deeper meaning. For example look at these: The tree is much more pleasant...
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    Works Photos from the Redwoods

    Great pics. Do you get much of ride when you drop a huge top like that? I would assume yes as all is relative, but since I will never be doing anything that big, I thought I would ask.
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    Purple Redbud Dead on Delivery?

    The pictures didn't come through, but without them the best advice I can give is don't ever use that nursery again. I cannot fathom them not guaranteeing their product for at least a year - especially if they plant it.
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    The trees may be planning on getting us murderers back...

    Didn't know there was an article...I just listened to the podcast that just came out days ago. I found it very entertaining.
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    Akimbo Rec Ride on Blue Moon

    I was wondering about this being a problem when I saw your setup before you climbed (it looked like it separated well though during the climb). What about tying the akimbo to the pulley (via throw line or something) and have the pulley-pull the akimbo up in your current setup?
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    The trees may be planning on getting us murderers back...

    This is a fun listen... Podcast/Article: The Buried, Secret Lives Of Trees URL...
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    Did i get a great deal or not??? STIHL MS201 TC saw W/12" bar used

    yes you we all are watching letgo :-)
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    New #SRT redirect system for tree climbing

    Geez I am not understanding this then....those quick snap shackles are designed to release under heavy loads.
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    Done here

    Wow. That is a lot of butt hurt from that conversation that happened two months ago.
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    Dr. Cornwallis's Work Thread And Stuff

    The problem isn't towing - IT IS STOPPING. Sorry pet-peeve. It takes a lot of truck to safely stop a load of that size at highway speeds.