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Depends what your going after. If you are only going after sub contracting for trees I'd say the bottom one. If you plan on starting to do some of your own tree jobs and sub someone to chip, I'd say pick the top one. The great thing about logos is you can update and modify them as you go. The name how ever is not changeable. And I think you have chosen an excellent business name.


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I like the bottom logo a little more than the top. It keeps more doors open for you ...... someone may just want you to set trusses on a building or whatever the case may be. It'll help keep that truck working even if tree work may be a bit slow.


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Been in too many logo conversations where most folks over think it. The customers are "attracted" to logos for the aesthetics not the deeper meaning.

For example look at these:

The tree is much more pleasant than the crane IMO.
I agree...most people are not going to recognize the crane. You think your GC is going to know what that Is? I would focus on a super professional logo that does not incorporate your crane into the logo. One people start seeing you around town with your truck, crane, and logo...they will make the connection themselves.


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You can have a different logo on your card then your truck. On the treemek you will be limited on a nice size logo. You don't have a big chip box so you need to make a memorable statement on a small logo that someone can pick up fast

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
Whatever logo you choose isn't as important as making your contact info clear

Phone or email/webpage have to be visible from a distance.

As you drive around look at other vehicles to see what's readable from a distance. I've seen sooooo many lettering jobs that are unreadable. Dark lettering on dark vehicle. Thin letters that read like a skeleton.

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Found out some of the boom parts are on back order. That pushes the delivery of the boom back a month. Ughhh. I need this truck. Everything else has been purchased and is done except insurance. I have a section of my garage piled up with truck stuff.

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