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    Uplifting Spirits

    Rainbows after the storm my friend. At least 3 of them. Lots of love from Vermont
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    WtB mulch bucket for boxer 320

    Hi looking for a bucket for my boxer 320 mini in Vermont. Woodchips, compost etc. Lighter is prob better for my application Used preferred but new is an option I guess. Take a look around the yard and let me know! Be safe
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    Brand new ms661 bog (Mtronic 3.0)

    I was having carb issues with my 661 seemed like the air filter was not making a good deal to the houseing. Solution: take some grease and goop up around the air filter where it seats against carb body. Apply liberally. It will help create a deal against dust & shit getting through the gap. No...
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    Lucas 6-18 sawmill and 50"slabber

    Bump. Money maker! Awesome addition to any tree removal service. A real feel good for most homeowners. Provide them with memories of their tree. Open to offers.
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    Lucas 6-18 sawmill and 50"slabber

    Bump Open to offers
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    Lucas 6-18 sawmill and 50"slabber

    Here's a few shots. Nothing fancy. But pic 3 is the whole mill loaded on a Tacoma. Do that with a woodmizer...
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    Lucas 6-18 sawmill and 50"slabber

    have a 2001 Lucas 6 18 sawmill for sale. I have decided to upgrade mills (a bigger Lucas mill). So my old mill has got to go. Comes with 4 circle saw blades (1 very new) 50 inch slabber. Brand new bar (only a couple logs on it) 6 or 7 chains Newer battery (electric start) I am the 2nd owner and...
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    Subbing out cleanup

    I bought a used boxer 320 from Dave @ top-notch 5 years ago (I think). Bought a bmg with it. Best move i ever made. Think all said it was 11k and they shipped it to me. Paid for itself in 2 months. For a 1 man operation it saved my back and all it ever asks for is grease and fuel
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    throwing a large asah top over a maple

    Thanks for the reply. Good stuff
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    throwing a large asah top over a maple

    Dan How far did that top travel? Was your notch made with 4 or 5 kerfs of the saw instead of a 2 cut notch? Seems to me the kerf cuts would make a taller hinge (more flex and hold) and not launch the top as well as a narrow narrow trad face cut? Maybe with the dead ash you needed it to hold...
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    WTB forks for boxer 320 mini skid

    Title says it all. Would like to find a set in new england. But willing to pay shipping from elsewhere. Thanks!
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    Ms 661 full wrap handle

    Yes I have thanks for the suggestion
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    Ms 661 full wrap handle

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    Ms 661 full wrap handle

    Yeah it's a bummer. Thought it would be awesome and I haven't really used it much at all. At the moment we are cutting some quality hardwood and stumps need to be low. It is a huge hindrance with the wrap catching in the snow etc to get that low stump. I think it works out west coast cos those...
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    Ms 661 full wrap handle

    I have almost a brandy new one on. I don't Ike it. Mostly logging. It gets caught up in the snow can't fit in the machines and is heavy! I would like to trade handles with someone. Half wrap only. I will pay shipping on the whole transaction. I am using the saw everyday so I I need your half...

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