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    Expensive arborist pants?

    When not in saw pants I wear truewerk T2's or Duluth firehose flex in their "foreman" pocket config. Don't buy the Duluth coolmax unless you like saw dust inside your crotch from the waist gussets...
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    500i down! There was an incident yesterday, I wasn't there, this was the damage shown at today's end of day training event / get together we had. I may tell the story in a different thread later right now we're all just super thankful the two very highly skilled guys are safe and only extremely...
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    Today the wife is not happy... Working out of a pull out and thus not going to the shop for the next few weeks so I'm having to take batteries home to charge every night. The old lady is not pleased her kitchen has became a charging station lol.
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    My station, who else has a sweet work truck?

    I see you have Ohio tags, is that where you're from? Your location lists FL... If you're in OH what part?
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    Questions about brand new T540 XP

    Middle of back so I can have full reach to either side.
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    F.S. Study Guide- Certified Arborist SOLD

    If the other guy doesn't take it I will. Just got the ISA guide from work but could always use more study material!
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    What bucket is it? There's no selector lever? Does it have an outrigger interlock?
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    Questions about brand new T540 XP

    I always attach my lanyard to the top handle like you have (exactly like you have, starting feeding it through from the pull cord side). I like how it hangs closer to me better than when attached at the rear and it's not in my way at all.
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    Zip line quick release at start

    Cheaper option (assuming it's not life support, the petzl eject is full life support but sounds like you don't need this to be life rated from your description)
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    Notching beam ends for a cabin

    Super cool cutting jig / method but I'm having a hard time envisioning how they fit together. Any videos of logs going together using that style joint. Does that specific style have a name I could just YouTube?
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    Battery Saw

    Little tiny bit back heavy but that's being nit-pickey since you asked. It's not like "whoa this saw is off balance" or anything. It feels good in the hand.
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    Saw in my leg

    I file my chains on my personal saws as well as on my personal t540i that I use at work but company policy is to just swap chains. We're paid well, above industry standard, and a new chain is cheaper than the labor + down time at the work site to sharpen one, especially a longer one.
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    Saw in my leg

    Less chance of dulling that way. Last thing I want to do is head up a tree only to find out someone rocked my chain when I get to my first cut 70' up.
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    Scary crane operator

    I actually just read the other day on IG that KB said (in a comment on someone else's post doing the exact same) that the RW has tested to be plenty strong enough end-to-end for life support and the only real issue with doing so is you'd need to use a double locking SLIC pin (which Travor...
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    Short Rope Length?

    My most used rope is a 75' hank of poison ivy

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