Women in trees, here's your enemy.


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We, the people, just elected us a new weasel Prime Minster (with a drama school teacher background), who has composed himself a gender-equal cabinet. (human, not wood; doubtful he is much of a woodworker, and I doubt any of them are arborists).
Interesting times; interesting thread.
Happy birthday, Riggs.


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Actually, heat doesn't rise, it radiates equally in all directions.
Hot air rises.
But it's still a good comic.


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Got some photos of your top big take down female climbers, Tom?

Bet you don't.

Got a 'secret' policy, maybe?

Is the ITCC policy of having male and female divisions sexist?
So I'm a year late. But things change.
THE Charlotte (more affectionately called da muddafuggin Charlotte) is a world class non-ISA sanctioned TCC, and last year we decided that there was no separate women's division. Women compete head to head with the men.
I asked women climbers what they thought, and they're stoked.
Anyone who wins this competition has to have a good two days, but there's no reason a woman couldn't take it.

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Kathy has already described her discriminatory hiring practices.

No way does a company reach a 50/50 ration without discriminating against males.

If one is wrong, isn't the other?
I suspect that these women felt like applying at Kathy's company might work out, compared to the usual hacker joints with half trained guys doing cowboy shit. And then, wow, they did work out.
It's really, really common for women to be unwelcome on a typical crew. They get driven off by insecure men, old and young.
Women tend to look for top companies that have progressive attitudes, modern practices and great safety records.
They don't experience anything worthwhile at the macho 'gitrdun' shops that just burn through climbers. Even the guys don't last long in those places, and there are way too many of those places.
I was lucky, I got in being old as fk and female at the same time. It worked out well for me and the company i worked for.

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