Women in trees, here's your enemy.


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Bryn Mawr , Pa.
it's a fact. Sorry but there are plenty of jobs out there . I had a bad experience with Tomthetreeman , figured all women were like him , but I've grown to accept him and everyone is applicable. If your related to Tom , that's even better , let me know if your looking . Everybody has a chance , and even better chance if your related to TOMTHETREEMAN , Love that guy . Gosh Golly . By Golly if I knew what I posted was leagally incorrect , I never would have posted it , if there is a TINATHETREEWOMAN out there , I apologize. Shucks ,


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I propose a decatholon.
1) arm wrestle
2) fine arts
3) corn shucking
4) interperative dance
5) barrel throw
6) fencing
7) 400m dash
8) beer drinking
9) spelling bee
10) fight to the death

Tom v riggs. Settle it once and for all.


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He is an "arm chair arborist" No not really, He actually is a really good tree guy. Like really good. Has been a member here for a long time. He can be gruff, but he does know how to rip a tree down in a few cuts. If you can get past the craziness you can learn a lot about how to do tree work. He is involved with the industry and back in 2003 received the President’s Award of Merit. If anyone was serious about learning how to do tree work, this would be a good guy to learn from.
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I believe that Riggs is very knowledgable cuz a lot of people I respect tell me he is, but i have never witnessed him post anything useful on here. Not saying it hasn't happened, just that I have haven't seen it in my time. So I respond to the things I do see him post, which generally are denigrating to some minority(majority, women) or other. And I don't appreciate. I generally am trying to keep it all in good fun. But sometimes I do get angry, which is also fun, in a different way.
Just curious, but is Riggs a real person?

Or is the whole thing some kind of convoluted joke? Not to ruffle any feathers, but those posts read like a sad redneck version of The Onion written to a second grade reading level.
I saw him at last years tcia Hartford show where he was stalking mark. He looked lost. I knew I knew him from somewhere. His hair was fabulous! Just the way he tossed it out of his eyes all the time... I wondered how anyone could really do tree work with a mop like that. Hey I had fatty dreads down to my ass once...now I bout shave my head for some reason. He is fo real!

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