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Had the great fortune of going to a tasting at a new friend's house who's collection is beyond my own personal experience. Allocated and exceptionally expensive bottles beyond compare. I didn't take pics of the shelves as it's not my place to show them off but here's some ofwhat I tried that night:
Great but "worst" thing I tried

20210624_230007.jpg 20210624_230003.jpg
This was great but don't fork over the $$$ for these orphan barrel bottles, pretty overhyped

Yes...that's a 28 year...mind blowing!

Sherry bomb, amazing

First offering of the evening, the names are exceeded by the quality of the booze. Think I will join the SMWS if they ship to Ohio here soon


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Atglen, PA
1 week but I've heard of them going far longer
I’ve never had bourbon that was cherry-infused, but I’ve had cherries that were moonshine-infused and those were rather good. They carried a bit more of a kick than expected though, eat too many and you’d get a bit of a surprise.

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