Which to choose? Compact utility tractor VS Mini Skid VS Gehl


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I’ve got both an Avant and mini skid, the avant is so comfortable, I’ve ran it for 2 seasons, it’s like riding in a cadillac, heated seat, easy to get in and out of, both have there places but the Avant is the go to machine for us.
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Able to jump off and on, fit it in the bed of a chip box, snake through dense woods, not getting a sore back by sitting... Got to be tall enough tho


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I’ve been running mine off my trailer for 6 years when it doesn’t need to come off, sets up in 2 mins or less.
I know a company out in South Dakota that is at least transporting on a ram 5500 but don’t know if he has crib up the outriggers fo loading and unloading or does the outriggers go all the way to the ground?

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