What is the Sherrill Tree Golden Retriever?

Years ago - remember Gerry Beranek's throw line hand crank-o-tronik in one of his DVD's or books or something? Bow-fishing line retreiver and a plastic plumbing bend and some tape. Not midline attachable mind you, but it works. Is it faster than over the shoulder into the throw cube? Dunno. Would an electric motor improve things? Probably, esp. if it had enough umph to drag the line and throw bag out of the tree and over a lawn and was midline attachable. Still in my bag though. But most days it's just hand flaking straight into a cube.


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Tom Dunlap

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Flaking box

On a trip to the Outer Banks in North Carolina I stopped at a museum of the US Life-Saving Service. They had a flaking box and cannon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Life-Saving_Service
Thank you! I could not remember the name of that box for anything. I’ve seen a demo of a shot fired by a Lyle gun; it was in Mystic Seaport probably 20 years ago. I would not want to be in front of that thing if the shot went low!

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
Yes...the flaking box was filled and stored with the pins installed. When it was time to shoot the 'bottom' was up and pulled off leaving a mat of flaked rope.

Do some video searching to see the rope flake off. Pretty cool to see line being shot ship to ship on rough oceans.


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I can imagine a way to do it, but it's hard to justify the time to carefully put the line on the pegs for each launch when I'll go thirty or more shots without a tangle doing what I do now, and most tangles only take a couple minutes to straighten out. The guys on the ships could have lives on the line when they made a shot, so they couldn't take chances. Completely different circumstances.

This LuckyLauncher video from 2013 briefly shows a retriever stuffing the line in a bottle.

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