The Shultz Effect

I bought the Schultz Effect a few months ago, and am trying to log back onto Gumroad to check it out, but am having trouble. Has anyone else had similar problems?
Yes sir, I have not been able to access the video file all afternoon!!!!

Just now I was able to log on. give it another try on your end.


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Well I finally purchased the Schultz effect for study this winter. So much to experiment with. I especially enjoy his remote redirects. The “transferalizer” I think will be so much easier using the akimbo and cbdb. Our industry advances so quickly with innovations since these videos were made.
Side note could the transferalizer be set with a pulley above the hitch on main srs line and tied to with tail to be pulled down to you? Let’s say if one wanted to reset that redirect in another area where you finished doing work

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