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The MS241 is an awesome saw. It is the largest commercial version that runs the narrow pico chain. The extra horsepower for its weight, coupled with the narrow kerf makes for a great cutting saw. You will be hard pressed to find a 16” saw that will outcut it. When someone else uses mine for a cut, they ALWAYS have a positive comment of some sort. In that class it just simply can’t be beat.

There are still a few on the shelves here and there. I saw one at the John Deere dealer just three or four months ago. They are still around here and there for sale.

Dan Cobb

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I ended up getting a 261 with an 18" bar. The supply of saws in my area is pretty pathetic. I was going to get the M-tronic, but no dealer within 100 miles had one in stock. Walked away from one dealer who had one 261 with a 20" bar; he was going to swap the 20" for a slightly used 18" FarmBoss bar. No thanks. I didn't want a new pro saw that looks like a farm saw.


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Late to the party. But I have a 261 with a muffler mod. It is 5.5 years old. Solid saw. Seen a lot of wood. Hardwoods. Pulls a 20" bar easy. Never bogs when deep in wood. Just bites. Buying a new one soon. Love the damn thing. Enjoy.


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I've been very impressed with my stock 261 running an 18" bar, 100% reliable in the year I've owned it.

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