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Hey all,
Let me start this out by saying I’m new to the tree world and only have a year under me. Soo was climbing a oak the other day SRT and when I get to my TIP I take my knee ascender off and leave my foot on. And when I’m just moving around in the tree I leave my chest harness still attached to the RRP with a XSRE carabiner. Only while I’m moving around in the tree so I don’t have to tend my slack as much. And when I find it affecting me or pulling me I unhook it. So what I’m getting to is when I was horizontal with my TIP and going out on a limb walk, mind you through the limb walk I felt the RRP slipping. I lanyard around the branch and assessed the situation. Looked and seen I still had the XSRE still attached to the RRP and when I took off the XSRE it wasn’t slipping anymore. I’m thinking it did it because the attachment point on the RRP for for SRT harness pulls the RRP so loosen the bind it makes on the rope to hold it. Just wanting to put it out there since it’s a newer device. Not sure if I explained it correctly or not.
You're definitely better off unhooking your XSRE from your RRP when you've reached your work area. Keeping it attached can cause it to slip like you said while limb walking.


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A bloody Wrench and a Micho is still king in my book bruv.. Nothing has come close to dethroning it thus far....

I could no longer resist the urge, so I grabbed a RR Pro last week...Been able to smash a few good sized Reds and Firs with it already. FanFuckingTastic!!!! Well done Mr Bing...
How about now?
You're a little slow but you come around eventually. :ROFLMAO:


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I always have a F8,yes it serves as an [almost never needed] emergency decent option but much more often I'll use it on the tail of my rope to facilitate a swing back to my main TIP when my short lanyard won't quite get me there and I don't want to free swing it all JonnyPro style.
only had to use mine once
it takes up so little room and weight on my saddle that it doesnt come off, and a spare hitch cord or two

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