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If you even get the stuff. USPS has been disappearing packages on the regular lately.:(
fedex has been cutting and tearing into my shipments. They cut open a box that had a rope in the top, sliced the bag holding the rope. SherrillTree swapped out ropes for me. Then they delivered a boxed spool- the box was worn through and the tape torn almost completely off the lid. Thankfully the rope was intact and untouched.
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any trial with heavier climbers? I'm 235 before gear. any opinion on how/if it would suit me? maybe with the new samsung climb line? the 12.7mm.
I'm a heavier rec climber and use the original runner and have no issues. I did notice this unit has a WLL stamped/printed on it whereas the original had no markings.


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Isn't the parking brake on the spiderjack so you can stop it from eating up rope when you don't want it to like when your at your tie in point. I remember that being annoying on the older spiderjacks when you could get sucked in to the tree because the thing gob b les slack almost tooo well. Is it used for other reasons too?
I put a slip knot above and set tight against the bird on my RR and/or ZK-2 RW to prevent either of them from gobbling slack when I’m advancing my anchor or setting a redirect. A simple “brake” to achieve that would be a cool luxury feature but a slip knot is pretty quick to tie when you want it.

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