Retiring, "again" any young guys need a good climbing saw?

Chris Schultz

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Hey guys, i put in my 22 years. Retired in 2011 and I have Lots of awesome memories. However it is time to let go of any ideas i have about getting back into a tree! I turn 50 this week so i'm letting my last saw and rope go to someone who will enjoy them everyday. I've got a Stihl MS 201 T that a friend bought me in exchange for helping her take down a couple pines and an oak by her cabin. I did the job, since then i haven't had much use for it. Now I only use it for making potato chip wafers of cherry and hickory for my smoker grill. Ridiculous.
This is like parting with part of my right arm but i know it is time. I think it is time to let someone else use this treasure. The saw has four hours use. I'm in northern Virginia if anybody close by is interested.
I am interested in this saw! Would you ship if I cover costs? Thanks


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@Scott-In-Trees; @Chris Schultz; Here's the link to the other thread in which the original poster continued the conversation.

@Barry M, (the guy trying to sell the saw) became a member of this forum on February 11th of 2018. His last post was on the same day, and the last time he even bothered to log in to look at the forum was three days later, on February 14th, 2018. He has never been back at all after that point in time. Maybe he changed his mind about selling the saw, or chose to sell it to a local friend, or something. Since he said he is done with tree work altogether, I would not expect to see him checking back in here before hell freezes over. I'm just trying to save future folks who stumble on this thread the frustration of not being able to get a shot at a beautiful saw. Thanks.