Question about weed/vine suppression w/less or no chemicals, SE Penna


We cleared invasives from a sizable lot abutting a swamp last year and left as many saplings as possible. Herbicides would not be permitted so my plan is keep brush sawing the regrowth until the trees can get ahead and eventually become more dominant. Lots of work and really pays to not tear up the soil which would germinate more. Go for crown closure and keep after it is the plan. And convince folks to kill their fucking burning bush hedge that’s seeding the neighboring forests!! View attachment 75672 View attachment 75673 View attachment 75674
Holy Hard Work Batman, nice job. As for the Fire Bush... for sure, PA will 'come after you' if you have the gall to plant such an invasive. I had one on my old property, grew to a 15ft dia. New Year's Eve ball. I cut it back to knee high stumps. It really didn't care. Sprouted right back up nxt summer.

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