New Choking Crane Sling Stays on Hook


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Soft shackles are both strong and secure if made properly. The knot is about 6 diameters of rope in diameter that would have to be forced out of the 2-3 diameter opening. When loaded the hole is held closed and would have to have the load removed in order to open it. When a load is applied the hole or opening closes by itself so there is no danger of the rigger not setting it properly. The only down side I see is the pick ability of the Tenex. Also the style of shackle that Nick shows would take longer to attach because of the sleeve. Other types are just a loop that are easier.

I have used a soft shackle as a main connection point on one of my harnesses and had no problems.

joe p

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I willing to bet my crew can get a traditional sling off and on a piece just as fast, if not faster. We have the security of knowing its not going to fall off.
I think it could be practical in some situations. I just don't know about the security and longevity of it. I would be nervous of swinging a piece of timber over a roof. I would be interested to hear from those who have field tested it. I would also be interested to see how it comes undone after a large piece is lifted and the system is loaded.
I like the outside the box thinking!!

Really excited to talk about these new crane slings we are working on. Help us come up with a name (or just vote for soft claw)!

If we choose your suggested name, we will send you one in the length of their choice.

Scotty Olson
and Justin Mcvey have been testing these for us and they love them!
It won't be any faster if it's always on back order


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I'm here to listen guys! We are busier than ever as usual with the same team in place!

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I'm here to listen guys! We are busier than ever as usual with the same team in place!

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And we have not abandoned you yet. I'm just hoping the apparent chaos subsides soon.
Until a month ago, I had never had to wait until even the next day, much less four days later for an email reply. I have waited on these spurs blindly for what seemed like an eternity. Always "this week, hopefully." Super friendly guys, but not very informative.
I do have to add that finally I saw them in stock after checking every single day for well over a month. My package is shipped now. I'm really hoping everything is right.

I feel we are derailing this thread on a pretty slow part of the forum. Is there an appropriate place for this discussion?