Has anyone tried waxing the inside of their chip box?


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I was thinking about the stuck chips problem a little more this morning ... when I woke up at 4am for no reason. Anyway, it occurred to me that I keep 10' sections of chain link top rail in my truck for ... ahem ... those days when things don't go to plan.

I think I might try to fabricate some sort of mini-shovel that I could stick on the end of one of my top rails. That would give me more than enough reach to get to the corners of the chip bed and I'd be able to remove whatever I attach to the end in the event that I need to top rail to repair a section of fence. I guess I could just use the top rail all by itself, but the idea of jamming chips into it seems less than ideal.

@hsell my truck is a retired Asplundh forestry bucket truck with a chip body. So I don't have to worry about branches or logs snagging the ladder if I hand it on the inside of the gate. It's not a top-load dump body like yours it so the only way to get logs or branches into it is by first opening the gate on the back. Which I rarely do. I usually just use it for chips unless there's some particularly pretty section of log that I want to try and haul home for my sawmill. And since I don't have a mini skid steer I end up fighting with a chain hoist for an hour or so to get the log up into the chip box. Swearing to myself that this is stupid and I can just go buy the wood kiln dried and S2S from my local specialty wood supplier ... but you know how it is. Sometimes I just don't have the heart to cut pecan or walnut into firewood!


I've never done it, but thought many times about welding a triangle piece in the corners that would lay flat to the walls to soften the hard right angles that always cake up. I'd hate to lose any space back there, but it probably wouldn't be much. I guess I like using my old ash pole saw to break it up too much to try it.

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