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I will confess I don't know much about this or really care that much. But don't a lot of CEO's get paid in company stock (at least a good part of their salary)...which isn't considered income till the cash out. Net worth and even stock is different than salary/wage. Musk's actual money in hand salary was only 20-30k in 2018ish...zero for 2020. Who here wants their stocks/investments taxed?

Plus if you really don't think a ceo should make the money they are, the absolutely best way is to get everyone that thinks the rich should pay more taxes (and/or all the Biden voters) to not buy products from those ceo companies. No Amazon, Walmart, Coke, Apple etc, products. Just shop small local stores...oh but you still can't buy those big company products from them either. It is us consumers that generate their wages.
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