Croll as primary fall protection in SRT ascent?

I used a croll as a primary attachment to jug kilometers of rope over the years working rope access and never had one open unintentionally. With that said...I would NEVER trust one as a primary and sole attachment point if there was any chance of dynamic loading (those teeth on the cam are a little sharp for my liking). I back-up my croll with a Petzl Shunt on a 60cm Jane Lanyard when SRT'n. With the Shunt placed above my handled ascender, it doesn't need any tending and is always gripping the rope.
It's a pretty simple system that has worked pretty well for me.


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Norm I would like to see your set up as well. Please post some pics
Thanks goodaking

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We got about 2 inches of heavy snow last nite. I'll post a pic after the snow melts. I don't want to get my gear snowy wet.


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i green screened this to use as a training ref

see how the back-up is tied from an 8mm cord to the top ascender which is in turn attached to me. I advocate a back up hitch as toothed cams can become effected by falling twigs & bark etc.

(yes i know the ID isn't in the lock off position, i wish i'd noticed at the time, DOH!)

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Two things, not that it matters so much, but what did you tie above upper? Just a blakes or tautline? I noticed the tail and stopper knot. Also, what's at the bottom if the line? Just a weight to add in starting i assume? Can't quite make it out, but is that loop at the back a tether to go around your neck as an advance for the croll?

My issue is breaking old habits. I want to simplify as much as possible so as to make it easy to justify to myself actually using it. I realize the speed and energy saving, yet for some reason my brain wants to keep things simple....tie a hitch doubled rope and walk up the tail on a pantin and be ready to go wherever.

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been away for a couple of days, hence l8 reply.
yep & yep i use a taughline to back up (seems to preform best for this aplication) and yep thats a rope weight agin tied with a taughtline. The croll neckloop is elastic which is adjustable in case a migit has to use it & it has a tube round some of the lrngth to stop it cutting into my neck. Splicing everything up is a very tidy way to go but the setup we use in training is supposed to apeal to all (including those who don't splice or want to pay for it & on top of that there is a huge amount of hostility towards splicers in the UK & THAT SUCKS!)

PS using those doubled handled ascenders is v-quick & may seem alot easyer but one of the big advantages of frog walking is that you can use opposing arm & leg muscles just as we have evolved to.

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