Confined Space


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Good obersavtions. The tree was infected with DED. Samples were taken. With the wet spring it is (ded) hiding. Jason used 2 opposite and opposing running bowlines with spider legs with a dyneenea core.


Cool, don't want you to get the wrong idea Tod, Im genuinely just curious how you guys go about your day to day stuff in regards to working near the utility.
Its not a....
'Well up here we do things this way and any other way is bla bla bla'!
More just brotherly curiosity for how another arbo in another part of the world, gets 'er done.
Thanks for answering bro, nicely done job.
Have a good week, And stay safe,


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I never got the wrong idea. The euro's and you guys up north seem to have more regulation. If we were not a contractor for you utility and line clearce certified we would have to stay 10' from the wires with everthing. If we could not we would have to call the utility and they would remove as much of the tree to keep workers 10' away (in theory)


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Thanks Tod for posting more pick's.
You know I can't wait until Sept 18 & 19th for the workshop on advanced rigging and working safely with cranes, in Edwardsville. You know you should give Jason the day of and bring him as well. anyways thumbs up on the pick's


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Should be a fun workshop. Looking forward to seeing some old friends from that neck of the woods.


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Great work, as always! What a challenging job.

If the crane fit, why not use it for more? Not enough boom? Too small of a set-up? Just curious.


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Impressive work. I know it gets harder as the job progresses to be as rigorous safety-wise on a single large tree like that, good work making every cut safely.