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I can't post pics again. Do we have some guidelines on file size or resolution or something else to stick to yet?
I had a day where I couldn't attach pics so I reduced them. I don't recall the size or resolution, sorry. After that I haven't had to edit...thats weird. NO word from our tech folks about the issue.


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I just don't want you sleeping well at night. I'm going to try pictures of post nuclear war holocausts, forest nymphs being sacrificed to various pagan gods, medical nightmares involving major organ failures and tumors, FDA warning labels claiming that macaroni and cheese products cause cancer and hemorrhoids, video clips showing people removing rust and paint with India Pale Ale, sitings of Jesus, Elvis and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar drinking cheap bourbon in an alley behind Starbucks... anything that will give you nightmares and get you back to posting inane gibberish and quiche recipes.


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I would totally drink with Jesus, Elvis, and KAJ. Jesus would make booze out of thin air, Elvis would tell crazy stories and play guitar, Kareem could post us all up and drop hooks, and I would just sit back and enjoy the hallucination.

Where's the problem? Other than being found thrashing around in a Starbucks dumpster?

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