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We only put 8-10k miles a year on our trucks my dt 466 gets 5mpg

The problem with the good older engines is they are going on 20 years old

Once that old every thing on that engine is almost wore out (wire harness to the hangers on the exhaust) next thing you know it broke down more often and your paying the part shop and mechanic the monthly payment on a new truck and your still driving a 20 year old truck instead of a new one

I have 3 trucks with v10’s 7 years of no problems = priceless

550 19500 gvw
650 23k gvw
750 32k derated to 26k (under cdl) 1472 arbortec
And a motorhome 36’ with a v10 22k gvw tows a 4400 lbs car 5-6 mpg
Been to all but 8 states so far
She screams but gets it done even through the Rockies
Just my opinion
I’m not a mechanic nor do I have the time to be one
Another plus about a v10 you don’t have to pull the cab to pull engine
No thanks on a V10.

dt466 getting 5mpg? Seems low. I have an 88 dt466 constantly hauling 25 yards and a 10k chipper, all it needs is oil and filters.

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