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    Breakaway lanyards

    This. Between soft and hard links (i.e. between the lanyard and the snap at the end) so if it breaks away any heavy metal bits stay captured on your harness and just the rope good flying through the air. Also in the event it does break away, a spliced eye is way less likely to catch on...
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    Anyone wearing a 'full' fall-arrest harness (ie with the top-half) on a daily-basis in a hot climate?

    I wear a camp tree access Evo with rated top. Yeah it gets warm but not too much warmer than without. I wear it exclusively climbing and a separate fall arrest harness for bucket work. Why? Because it's easier on the bucket to not have all the dangley bits from my harness when standing in the basket
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    New "Openable" Ring Thing - The Odin

    Camp has similar shackles on their harnesses and they issued an inspection notice because there might have been some that escaped the factory with insufficient loctite, so i can definitely see that being a possibility. Also these rings look like an evolution of these...
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    Replace Sling on Big Shot Launcher

    I haven't noticed a huge difference in length of time under tension, but I have noticed it after several shots. Almost like there is a warm up period for the tubing. More noticeable on cold days, but it seems to throw a bit further (or at least drop a bit less) every shot for the first half...
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    Span Rigging moving anchor choices

    Omni on an ultra sling or a dead eye sling with a ring (i prefer a timber hitch), both come off the piece when it lands on the ground really easily. I usually use a triple thimble (or safebloc) for aerial friction and that generally coupled with 2:1 nature of span rigging allows me to take most...
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    mapping movement within a tree

    I try and preset as much as I can. Either set multiple lines from the ground, reach out/toss a second line through an adventurous crotch for use later on and lower in the tree later (or doing the same with the tail of my rope). Doing both with rigging lines. Using retrievable hardware as much as...
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    Munter hitch for lowering limbs

    Lots of talk about the cons of the minter... All perfectly valid There are advantages though over something like the triple thimble or safebloc. it's really easy to pop a munter on midline without threading the whole rope through. I also feel like the munter works better than a figure 8 both...
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    Reminds me a lot of this idea
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    notch jet step

    At 325lbs after 100 foot descent on a zigzag chicane combo it gets hot enough to give blisters on the skin of you touch it... I would expect much more distance than that and it would get got enough to begin to damage the rope. If I know I'm going to be doing that kind of descent I attach a...
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    Rope wrench, tether, carabiners, pulley, rings....

    What is a zinger?
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    Reliable DIY power ascender

    In this case I'm tied into the wraptor using is default attachment. The zigzag doesn't get used until I'm at height
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    Reliable DIY power ascender

    Funny you mention putting the ascender above the device... I've got a wraptor I use occasionally, and I always have a zigzag/chicane above the safety rope grab at the top. That way when I get to my spot to work, I take the wraptor off and my zigzag is ready to go no threading or anything
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    Double-headed X-Ring splice

    Never used a double header so I'm bout sure if there is any preference difference, but in single eyes it hasn't made much difference either way
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    Double-headed X-Ring splice

    If I was going for a short doing in the 2-4 foot length I would overlap the tapes so it's the same diameter, anything longer I wouldn't bother
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    Double-headed X-Ring splice

    As for actively practicing my throwline skills, not on the regular, but i still use one where appropriate and "struggle teach" myself to be better Double Snapper awesome idea, but not something i find myself using hardly ever, probably because any time I'm over a hard surface I've got a bucket...

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