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    Do I need a DOT physical / MED CARD?

    My crane GVWR is 72900. Actual weight is 71600. I’m registered at 72900. It’s bullshit because based on my wheel base I’m only legal for 65k. So the difference between the legal weight and GVWR is just free money they get because I can legally use it. I pay an additional $500 a year for a...
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    Do I need a DOT physical / MED CARD?

    for FMCSA and USDOT if you are operating a commercial vehicle of any size you need a med card and need to be in a drug testing program. If it's over 26001 you need a CDL with add ons for air brakes ect. JJ Keller has some great resources in the form of webcasts explaining all of it. Should be...
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    Limitless Crown Anchor

    I spoke to Dave today as he was setting up the tripod for the video on Jake's whatchamacallit
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    Looking for an apprenticeship in the canopy

    I've got a local company who fits that bill in the Virginia Beach VA area. Not my company, a friends.
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    Moving up on the kboom

    The way I wanted it sent up wouldn't be bridge legal with a rear mount. Also as much time as I spend driving, that boom takes beating on the rear of the truck. So far I haven't felt the effect of having the cab to reach over. I've actually been able to get the boom closer because I would...
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    New pants from SIP

    Not a fan either
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    GRCS Mistake & Failure (video found online)

    I've seen a few ride up the tree. Not a fun recovery
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    What was your humble beginnings like?

    Class 3 bucket harness, flipline, no climbing lines, 3 strand with no blocks, no helmet and an old pickup bed that was literally falling apart to haul debris in
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    Need Ground Protection Mat Recommendations

    Thanks guys. Not much of a carpenter.
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    Need Ground Protection Mat Recommendations

    Excellent Thank you. Now I have to decide if its worth going out and buying the router LOL
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    Need Ground Protection Mat Recommendations

    being the antithesis of a handy man or any kind of skilled labor most people can do. Can you tell me how you did the hand holds. Pretend I don't know anything about a router and explain the process LOL
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    Need Ground Protection Mat Recommendations

    They sold $700 mats in about 6 hours after I posted that. All the factory seconds mats are long gone
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    Need Ground Protection Mat Recommendations

    I had liberty mats- bought them used cheap from Matrax. Held up well, slightly flimsy. Held the warp for a while. I've moved to Duradek from Signature Systems. Not as flimsy, slightly heavier, doesn't hold the warp as long. Some have hand holds and some don't. I'm not happy with that...
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    Knuckleboom vs. Wallboard Crane

    Ok Thanks Learned something. I always thought they were quicker. Guess I watched too many sped up IG videos. @NashvilleTN Only rule them out if you know you want to rule them out. Get deeply educated before you decide. What I have noticed, and its human nature I suppose, guys want to get...

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