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    Hemlock snag...filled with metal

    I like the video for the most part. Happy to see someone posting a video of themselves quickly/efficiently removing a tree that can be done so. I one hand top handle saws and would rather see someone lanyard up a tree as you do and blow out the limbs quickly and easily vs. some gear heavy person...
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    Looking for owners/boss advice

    I know guys like the derelict. Personally, I wouldn't resort to using him even in a pinch. Any money you make from them on the good days will be lost in the pain in the ass that they cause not showing up, being driven about, pissing clients/other employee's off, breaking things, looking like a...
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    Unrealistic expectations

    I write **stump grinding or removal of any kind not included. Stumps will be cut as low as reasonably possible unless otherwise discussed with homeowner. at the bottom of every quote. Had that before too. Always write the lengths on the quote if leaving wood. Had that before too. Also I write...
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    Articulating wheel loaders

    Are you using the clamshells to grab the piles of debris made by the broom? How does that work? Always thought it would be a good idea but have heard that they work best for grindings and they aren't best for picking up piles of crap as described. What are you putting the junk you grab with...
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    What was it realistically like your first couple years?

    This should be published as a proverb somewhere.
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    What was it realistically like your first couple years?

    First couple years..... Working a third as much for more money than I was making for my previous boss as a climber. Definitely wishing I had more efficient gear to perform the extremely laborious tasks that I was performing with the ragtag friends that I was able to convince to help me from time...
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    What was it realistically like your first couple years?

    Refer to the post I just made for Serf life. I can see the logic in your math, but your method is incorrect.
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    What was it realistically like your first couple years?

    My DW sk1050 costs conservatively $23/hr to run. (Paid 38k. Use for 2000 hours, sell for at least 15k, 38-15= 23k divided by the 2000 hours of use makes it $11.50/hr just to buy it. then approximately $5/hr for maintenance/insurance and approximately $5/hr for fueling gets you $21.50 per hour...
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    What kind of chipper

    Any problems with the ford 6.2? How many hours so far on it? Any words of wisdom? Anything you don't like? Demo'd one yesterday they want me to pull the trigger. Basically 70k after tax. If I can get 2000 basic maintenance only hours in 5 years and sell it for at least 35k I think it's a good...
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    Sold: Ditch Witch SK755 Mini Skid

    Seems like a low price to me. I bet I could get 14 for my sk650 with bmg and its a 2006 with 5000 hours in central Massachusetts.... Just have to wait for someone that is looking for it. a new one is probably 35 with the grapple and it will be less power than yours. 1400 hours is not that many...
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    Sold: Ditch Witch SK755 Mini Skid

    Where is this located?
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    badass cab-over mini transport build.

    Not sure you're going to find a lower mileage 1990 4x4 Mitsubishi cleaner or in better shape. sand blast and paint got as much as they could in the front/under motor etc. Drives very smooth, shifts smooth. Supposedly 1990 was the first year they did 4x4. 30 years old she looks and runs awesome...
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    badass cab-over mini transport build.

    Well she's all done. Been ready and in use for awhile, but just haven't gotten around to posting finished product. I'd like to get some toolboxes under the bed and a few other little things, but she's operational. Previously mentioned, but quick recap: 1990 4x4 Mitsubishi 4cyl diesel standard...
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    Bunch of trucks for sale

    Still have that rear mount international? Tried PMing but wouldn't let me. Thanks

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