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    Rescued a cat

    That looks frightening haha. I had a pillow case with me but I opted for my rope bag for a couple reasons. 1, it is semi rigid so would stay open on its own while I put the cat in there. 2, rope bag has a draw string top and a carry handle to easily hook it to my harness on descent. 3, I was...
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    Rescued a cat

    I've missed 3 days of work with strep throat. Finally feel like I've made some good recovery progress but I've been cooped up in my apt. Got a call from the boss with an odd issue. Cat stuck in a tree and needs rescued. Apparently it's been in the tree for a few days. Loaded my gear and found...
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    Tree Trimmer II Coastal Virginia

    Ah. Slightly confusing but makes sense now.
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    Bucket truck (Altec AT37G)

    For stuff like this I try to go straight to the source so there is no "he said, she said" happening:
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    Tree Trimmer II Coastal Virginia

    Just curious, is that upper end of the scale 60,884 or 41,070? I see the salary mentioned both ways in your post.
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    My scary black cherry removal

    It's difficult to tell how much lean this tree has but it doesn't look excessive. If the lean is something that can be overcome by pulling with a rope, there is no need to complicate matters by climbing to remove a few dead limbs. Install the pull line using a throw line and you should be good...
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    NEW TreeStuff Website!

    Securely saved addresses and payment methods is an improved feature? How compromised was my info before? Do the Russians know who I am?
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    Hitch hiker/2/x thread

    I would wager that part of it is the device in not allowed at climbing competitions due to lacking some certification or other so it doesn't get the same exposure as the rope wrench and other devices.
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    Hitch hiker/2/x thread

    While I don't disagree, this made me chuckle a little bit. It's a $180 item, among a sea of other $150-$400 items that tend friction for MRT/SRT. The item that should be in every beginner's bag is a $15 split tail and a $20 micro pulley. Its a banging tool though for sure :)
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    Tree motion failure

    You might want to reread the booklet that came with your harness. There is no chest harness that makes the treemotion compliant as a fall arrest harness for bucket work. The harness is strictly for sit work position or very specific platform use on the rear ring. Relevant pics from the...
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    Hitch hiker/2/x thread

    I run the HH2 exclusively and love it. I had a cord to tend the slack and ran into the issue of the biner rotating as you mention. I bought the holster instead and it seems to make a big difference. As far as the HHX slick pin shackle working on the HH2, I don't think it does as the HH2 has...
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    Tree motion failure

    There was some discussion on this topic in another thread:
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    Yale 11.7’s

    I climbed on poison Hivy for the longest time and it stayed round when loaded. I needed a new longer rope, love the Yale 11.7, so went with blue moon because of a banger sale. I notice it squares up when I load it with my weight. It works but I'm not thrilled with it. Next time I will stick...
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    Pad damage

    I googled this as a joke...turns out jokes on me. This is a thing haha
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    Zoo Arborist dies in AR training

    So he was using a bowline instead of say an anchor hitch? We'rere talking a terminal connection at the harness coming undone as what was involved with the fall?