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    Climbing & Rigging Pieces off This Tree

    Wow, wrote that on an iPhone, it would be nice if my paragraphs were showing up. ...Treebuzz?
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    Climbing & Rigging Pieces off This Tree

    Looks like a typical silver for my area, bread and butter here as they are all aging out. Trees up here are small and spreading, often without much clearance over structures and not tall enough to have a great rigging angle. Most of that tree won’t have clearance for a speed line unless you...
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    Treestuff's New Website

    Every order I have placed this year yet has had some sort of issue. It took me months to get a custom splice, when it finally came it was wrong. Multiple other orders with issues. I had to delay a large cabling project because it was taking weeks to get rig guys. When I finally got them two...
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    Decisions Decisions

    Over the last four years, I went from just using SRT for canopy access to using SRT for everything but crane work. There was no conscious effort to switch styles, I was probably subconsciously resistant TBH. I just kept seeing opportunities where it made more sense, which snowballed into full...
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    How do you store your gear at-home? (textiles / not tools&equipment)

    5/8" Atlas with a quick shackle is what I use for negative rigging anymore. I used to use polydyne for everything, but I've switched to double esterlon for rigging out canopy and swinging wood, and atlas for blocking down. Polydyne is still one of my favorite ropes, and if you have to choose...
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    Pad damage

    Plywood 4x4s.
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    Pad damage

    Back in the neighborhood from where we did an emergency job two Saturdays ago. The pads were on for 5 hours. It was a hot day up here (90+). I don’t want my customers expecting this much kill. I am already considering a wheel machine, but other than laying down more cash for iron, what is...
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    Tree failure, while I was climbing it.

    I have a really hard time imagining working from a scaffold on trees... comically, I have the same issue when trying to imagine working from a bucket. My brain just works from the center out when I look up into structure.
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    Tree failure, while I was climbing it.

    Breakaway is just for positioning. Never life support. There are plenty of trees I will climb with an overhead or two, but some I don’t like the idea of attaching my life to. Hence the breakaway. It’s mostly a psychological aide in situations. In reality, most failures are not total or...
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    Tree failure, while I was climbing it.

    I have used a breakaway saw lanyard for positioning in the past. There was one occasion where I had to driftline a huge portion of a big basswood in a single maneuver. The stem was hollow, cracked, and had a lateral fissure halfway up the stem. No bucket access, no crane access, crappy...
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    Deciding on a new Sthil?!

    I went without a 70cc saw for a long time, 362 straight to 661. It’s a smart setup. Since we got a 462, the 661 rarely leaves the truck. If I want to use it (462), I usually have to track it down, so I am thinking about buying a second. My ported 362 is still fun, but it just doesn’t keep...
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    Deciding on a new Sthil?!

    The 462 is my favorite saw, it rips like crazy with a 25” through anything, and is just as light as the 362. It’s my go to for the crane now, and, because I am a huge nerd, I nicknamed mine Gram.
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    What do you do when you show up to an agreed upon job and it's already done?

    No problem. It is a rough list that my wife and I are continually adding to that we plan to edit down and post on the website as well as print for customers. The goal is to inform a client’s expectations so that we aren’t constantly reacting to the wide gambit of how people think a tree job...
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    Concrete driveway waiver

    When working in older infrastructure with lines everywhere and huge, overmature trees over houses stacked on top of each other, big crane is a no go, and conventional rigging isn’t realistic (coming from the guy who runs around with 1500 ft of rope and 5 lowering devices). 45 ton in the...
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    Back to chipping?

    Big sigh of relief, though

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