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    not my setup

    After seeing this back in the day, I haven't gone near a chipper.
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    not my setup

    NOW those are some nice looking chippers.
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    Old School Rigging

    Came across this while out talking with another tree guy in my town. Anyone one have stories or pics of rigging old school?
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    What was your humble beginnings like?

    Trailer chop salad
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    Granberg Alaskan Mill - what to start with?

    Hey Rico -- sounds like you have some hostility toward a young man who is ambitiously interested in the profession. I've seen a wide array of engaging posts from "Treesap" and have a clear sense that encouragement and mentoring would be favorable to bashing and criticism.
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    Suspenders/SRT ?

    I attached a basic set of tool belt suspenders to my rig and haven't found it all around my knees ever since.
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    What was your humble beginnings like?

    My biz started out with a truck and a trailer ... and it's still based on a truck and a trailer. I see no reason to grow (add people and equipment). Work and $$ are great at this "humble" scale.
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    On Saddle Blood Stopper Pouch

    Anyone actually had to USE a clot pack? I've heard that they have to cut that stuff out when you get to the hospital, making me think it's a last resort kind of thing (after applying pressure) ... but wondering if anyone has firsthand experience?
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    Flippin' Palm Trees

    No experience with palms but your plan sounds good: examine some specimens you pull down safely first
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    Thoughts on Minimum Pricing for Small Jobs

    I have no problem doing small jobs for $40-$100 ... always nice to help people out. Easy jobs aren't always easy for others.
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    4 DIY Port-A-Wraps

    Thanks for the tips man. You're right: zero time on a porty before making these. They've been working for me, though, but I only rig down the occasional leaner.
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    3D printed gear hooks

    Cool that you did this research, man. Seems like some good info to have as you move forward in the world of fabrication and creative maker-dom
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    Sunset cat rescue

    awesome pics!
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    4 DIY Port-A-Wraps

    Most excellent!
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    4 DIY Port-A-Wraps

    Boom! Sounds like a DIY masterpiece!

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