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    How to deal with competition?

    As one of my competitors did to me, remove my proposal out from inside the front door. Oh, by the way, the doorbell camera saw him remove it and rip it up. I wonder if Mark Chisholm father would like to see how one of New Jersey’s certified tree experts talks himself out of his “ethical” work...
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    Crane accident...

    the weight was not the issue. The climber had the slings past the balance point and the log flipped and crushed him. That’s how I understand what mark was saying.
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    Crane accident...

    We all know how a log is to be rigged. I can’t believe the climber listened to the crane operator. He is in the tree. He has to see with his own eyes how the straps are situated. He’s making the cut thinking, will this flip? It should of been very obvious that the straps were set below the flip...
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    Treestuff's New Website

    dear tree stuff, your business will slowly drift away into nothingness
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    Crane accident...

    Climber has the last say. His life on the line. Was the whole incident videotaped? How do you know about the conversation? If it was videotape then the insurance lawyers will fight over whether the crane guy is at fault.
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    Morbark articulating loader coming soon

    Just a guess. I want the machine to prove itself for a few years.
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    What is this. Bark only

    It sure looks like cottonwood. Even the white heartwood looks like it. Cut and smell the chips. That would prove if it was cottonwood. Smells bad
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    Morbark articulating loader coming soon

    The giant is priced about the same and is a better machine. At least it’s proven.
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    What is this. Bark only

    Cottonwood or butternut?
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    Switch and go chip body

    Hey boo rad, What are the dimensions of the box? Jeff in colts neck
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    Thoughts on SGR removal?

    Sawzall would have worked well also. Good job,
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    Beware of Schmidy's Machinery

    Classy thing for them to do is pay for your fuel and a good dinner. We all screw up in life. You must make it right if you screw up.
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    Beware of Schmidy's Machinery

    . So you’re the one who bought it. I was all ready to buy that truck but he said you just bought it. Good luck
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    2000 1890xp with winch 125hp John Deere with just under 1000 hours. What's it worth?

    Sorry about that. Just glanced at it fast. You sellin?
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    Looking at Mini Skid Steer - Opinions?

    What make wheeled mini do you have?