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    Battery Saw

    My msa 161t just got run over by a car last week, so I bought a t540i xp to replace it. I have always been a little loyal to stihl (we're cracking open all of pandora's boxes here), but the throttle interlock on the stihl was a real pain, especially since I'm left handed and tend to make left...
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    Laser pointer

    I had the same experience with Notch laser. Going to get an amazon "non-laser"
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    Small Company Business Models

    Awesome, thanks for the replies, each of them have great advice. @Reach, you advocate a business coach in every thread on this topic I've read. Are you accepting new clients to coach? What are your rates? (I'm only mostly joking. But I think you would be great to have as a resource based on your...
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    Small Company Business Models

    I have had my own business for about a year now and am at the point where I need to make a few big decisions. I spent the last week reading through all the threads I could find on here where people talked about business models they've seen and used, and the biggest thing I've taken away from it...
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    What’s Your SMALLER Equipment Setup?

    I took the bed off my F-250, put some air helper springs on the rear axle, built a (too big) chip box for the back, and pull a bandit 150XP most days. I'm around 14k empty including the chipper and scared to know what I weigh loaded. I'll only fill the box all the way full if I can dump on site...
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    For the Arborists- Storm damage question

    Great article from the TCIA magazine last year that discusses your very question: It's a quick read - worth your time so I won't summarize it
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    What to buy first? And where to look for it?

    Everybody's situation is different and there are so many options that can work. Lots of great advice, but don't feel like you can't make something different work for you. I started up my own company in April and the first thing I did was put a dump bed on my 3/4 ton and bought a 12" chipper. She...
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    Ropejack Handle

    Update: the folks at CMI were very helpful. I told them how I broke it and they just had me send it in and they put a new handle on it for me! Very impressed with CMI's products and customer service.
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    Ropejack Handle

    I was pulling two leaders together to install a cable and was set up with my feet against the trunk and yarding on the rope jack with everything I had. It's rated for one person pulling with one hand - I was definitely pulling with way more force than it was designed for. Like jehinten pointed...
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    Ropejack Handle

    Yesterday I was using my ropejack in a tree, and I bent the handle in half from pulling too hard and/or at a bad angle... It looks like the cams just bolt on to the handle, but I haven't found anywhere that just sells replacement handles. Does anybody know if replacement handles are available...
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    Climbing a redwood help

    I spent a few days around redwood national Park last fall, and as far as I know, tree climbing within national parks isn't allowed, but I couldn't find anything that said you can't climb trees on public land that isn't part of a national park. My wife and I climbed a real fat redwood within view...
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    Tilia americana chlorosis and scorch

    @rfwoodvt did you ever determine what was going on with the basswood? I have a client with 5 lindens. 3 are healthy and vigorous, but 2 are looking a lot like the basswood in your photos. No leaf scorch or anything other than some declining canopy and obvious inteveinal chlorosis. I didn't look...
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    Looking for a Bandit 90XP or 75

    PM sent. Thanks!
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    Looking for a Bandit 90XP or 75

    Thanks for the input!
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    Looking for a Bandit 90XP or 75

    I've been on the hunt for a bandit 90XP (I'd be happy with a 75XP too) for the past month or so. I'm in Utah and will travel to pick it up, but I haven't found any good machines within 1000 miles. There's a couple brand new 90s in Denver but I am hoping to get a used one. Any ideas where else to...
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