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    Approved Mechanical Devices

    There's no "panic feature" for one.
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    Approved Mechanical Devices

    I'm blown away that the Akimbo is approved...
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    2020 TCC Chron List / Dates

    We made the decision this morning to cancel the 2020 KAA TCC.
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    Anyone used a harness fitted First Aid Kit?

    I always carry an Israeli blood stopper. The one time I used the bandage on my harness was for a handsaw "snakebite" on my knee. It just saved a trip to the ground for a band aid. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
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    Comps and COVID-19

    Climbers hustling through a WC, breathing heavy, unwittingly showering the attentive judges below with their exhalations. Judges huddling to confer. Personally, I'm looking at going for a setup day only to see how things unfold. Not interested in staying someplace overnight and incurring all...
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    Comps and COVID-19

    Indiana doesn't believe in COVID 19. Their TCC is still scheduled for the end of August. Southern Chapter TCC is tentatively scheduled for September, and the Kentucky TCC is scheduled for mid October, although I'm the organizer and I'm skeptical about running a safe TCC while the virus is still...
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    Comps and COVID-19

    So I'm planning on uping my PPE game for competitions (if they actually happen) in 2020. This seems like a quality addition to that strategy. What steps, if any, will YOU be taking?
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    Indiana TCC Aug 28th-cancelled

    I'm pretty sure the Indiana TCC is barrelling ahead with their event in Aug 28th at Broad Ripple Park in Indianapolis. For more information check teh website...
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    Am I just being a baby about this TIP?

    Toss in low and ALT up
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    Am I just being a baby about this TIP?

    That looks like a horrible anchor point. Our guidelines for choosing a TIP would call for a minimum of 4" diameter, preferably around the main stem, and no more than 30 degrees past vertical. We also require a canopy anchor before cutting and a two person, static load test. The union up to the...
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    2020 TCC Chron List / Dates

    Also, the site is Shelby Park. Thanks, Greg!
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    2020 TCC Chron List / Dates

    Kentucky is banking on the 17th, Greg.
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    How does Coronavirus COVID-19 alter our workflow?

    Take care of yourself please.
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    Banned by Carl the Lumberjack

    Sorry to hear about Butch. I trust my gut and I've always had good feelings from you, Dave. Cheers!
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    Hitchhiker with zigzag+?

    Great post, Jeff! Its easy to have headlines make things look more dire than they really are. My interest in the zigzag has still dropped off the cliff (no need to feel sorry for me!). I'm pretty confident in my ability to work a friction hitch!

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