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    6 Free CEU's Online

    Re: 6 Free CEU\'s Online Last week I did a bunch. Its really simple indeed.
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    fire logs

    the end result. I figured it was easier to make the cuts while the piece was still attached to the trunk.
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    fire logs

    made my first one the other day just for the hell of it. cherry, I will let you know how it burns whence I get it burnt.
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    Congrats Gareth and Kathy! Way to take it like a gentleman Dan. Best of luck in the ITCC you two, go PNW!
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    Fill those cavities with cement?

    I keep asking why the local garden centers still stock asphalt pruning paint. The answer is 'cuz people still buy it and ask for it' I have tried to help them learn that it isnt the best thing to do in most cases but they just shrug it off and look for buying patrons.
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    Hard Hat side protection

    my thought is the shape of the brim would prevent it deforming or collapsing with side impact. I have a firemans helmet that I got from a friend, SUPER heavy and bulky though, I would certainly not like to try and work with that thing on my head.
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    Helicopters...building setdown pads

    cool, thanks for that Gord. :)
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    Cuttin' with my "little" saw

    Re: Cutin\' with my \"little\" saw nice Gary, that saw makes you look tall.
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    Chainsaw pants

    Pacific arborist supply in north vancouver carries the pfanner lineup, and their (pfanners) western warehouse is in 100 mile house or near there. Prices look to be MSRP out of the catalogue. although their website is horribly out of date, the contact info is the...
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    Hearing protection offer

    nothing here yet either. :(
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    Home owner in NY

    that sounds like a consult to me, not an estimate, bill it at regular rates and dont touch the 'hazard' issue without doing proper research on the trees in question then provide written reports per usual. Lay out a clear scope of work for the visit: a qualified arborist will walk the site with...
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    Douglas-fir removal

    Lovin the narration in the top drop vid Gord. " wind, pain in [censored]" " I got one wrap on, if I put too many it wont run eh" :D nice work Gord.
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    ART Ropeguide Recall

    Jeff, I think that the bobcat outfit in abbotsford is a vermeer rep too, try them, bobcat country. near clearbrook road.
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    Waterproof jacket

    arcteryx theta jacket and beta pants here for heavy rain (with Danner mountain light II goretex boots), still as good as the day I bought them. I also got their delta AR fleece (AWESOME) and Sigma soft shell jacket. cant complain all around. the tech gear is MILES ahead of the regular raingear...
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    Corona Pole Pruner

    hmmm. thanks Tom, did my post come up as SPAM? weird. wonder what I said to set off the firebells. :)

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