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    Finn eagle 254 wheel hub

    I had the exact same issues with my Vermeer. Knock on wood, rebuilding the motor shaft and replacing the hub at the same time seems to have been a permanent fix. Unfortunately I don't have a source for parts. Possibly find a used unit for parts?
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    3:1 pretension on porta wrap (?s)

    If more pull is often needed, a DWT can be setup as well, adding mechanical advantage in the canopy.
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    3:1 pretension on porta wrap (?s)

    In the past I've used a handled ascender with either a carabiner or pulley below it. Luckily I never shredded a rope, same can be done with a prussik. Take a single wrap on the bollard then up to the prussik. Ropejack works really well, as well. Anymore if I need to pretension I use the...
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    What Is Your Worst Accident?

    The chance of this kind of thing happening has always bugged me. I won't bring a polesaw up without a sheath, then the sheath either gets put back immediately after use or the polesaw gets tossed to the ground with everyone clear of it.
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    What Is Your Worst Accident?

    Fell from about 15', not terrible compared to some stories but I hit a limb on my left side and bruised some ribs on the way down. It didn't feel any good, and thats the day I started buckling the chin strap on my protos. It flew off in the fall. I've also flipped my mini skid over sideways...
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    WTB large saw

    Stored properly with empty fuel and oil tanks, possibly. I've looked into them out of curiosity. Their website has a disclaimer, (paraphrasing from memory) that if German customs opens the box and sees a complete chainsaw, they will confiscate it at your loss.
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    WTB large saw

    Assuming your probably running a 32" bar, you could make it work for no more than the amount of trunk that you have. Its a bit extra work but your talking about cutting it into 3 rounds if you go firewood length or only twice if you cut into 2.5' rounds for a loader to carry. Bury your saw...
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    could have been worse, and more expensive

    Assuming you mean that your wearing this sling like a chest harness, just leave it on throughout the climb. When I used a sling for that, I only took it off if I needed an additional sling while aloft. If it's adjusted properly to tend your hitch, then it should be out of your way for any...
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    What’s Your SMALLER Equipment Setup?

    Potentially, I just used what I had on hand.
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    Rope Runner Critical Incident Report August 2020

    I can understand the first half of this, but any system installed wrong will fail one way or another. At best it'll lock up, at worst it won't grab.
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    Standing Pieces Up

    Pretty new to crane work myself, even took my first brush picks yesterday. Before that its always been ground work and some trunk picks. We've stood a few up, some like you described and some of them we tension, cut 80% through from bottom to top, then the crane lifts and tears the wood...
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    Makita chainsaw review video

    Its been working well, but due to job scopes not getting much use on the job. Its super handy around the shop though when needing to make one quick cut in something. Its been oiling just fine, I barely elongated the holes, so it didn't change much. I'm curious about the bar chain not...
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    Modding Chainsaws

    In case anyone else is looking for this info in the future, I spoke with Randy and he said that mtronic saws have a break in period programmed into them and to just use it as normal, the saw will take care of itself.
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    Makita chainsaw review video

    I ran into this same problem with my setup. Double checked that everything was the correct parts, it was, so I took an old chainsaw file and elongated the tensioner hole. It only takes a little bit and it worked great. Less than an 1/8" if I'm remembering correctly
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    461 brake actuation

    Have you taken it back to the shop to see how another compares to it? Could be a faulty chainbreak that may not engage during kickback. I do not have that model myself, but my 661 has never seemed overly difficult to engage.

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