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    Need new phone battery case

    Apple offers some basic battery health information in the device settings, it should be under battery. This is not 100% reliable, but the only thing you can do quickly. But like I said, if the battery is older than about 3 years it probably needs to be replaced.
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    Need new phone battery case

    Iphone batteries (well, phone batteries in general) usually tend to degrade to <50% capacity after 2-3 years. Chances are an Iphone 7 would need a replacement battery at this point, and that's a fairly easy and cheap thing to do. I wouldn't recommend a battery case. Those usually charge your...
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    What do you use for a base anchor?

    I like my steel carabiners because they are easy to use, quicklinks also probably need to be torqued down with a wrench to get the same strength. Hey, I'm doing good. I haven't really decided what to do after school, I'm probably going to university though, something with physics/engineering. I...
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    What do you use for a base anchor?

    I usually just do 1 wrap with an alpine on the end, I then secure that with a very beefy steel carabiner. That has always worked for me, but on small slippery trees I sometimes girth hitch a long webbing loop to the base of the tree and clip my climbing line to that, this doesn't slide up the...
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    Minimalist climbing

    The usual ultralight climbing setup is some kind of RADS with the 2 components as light as possible. GriGri/ropeman seems like the ideal combination here. For a rope I'd go with 40ft of 9mm. Throwline and throwweight are probably optional at these heights. An Akimbo coupled with a single foot...
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    New Look!

    I like it! Small complaint: the scrolling arrows on mobile block a large amount of the site. edit: must've been a bug, they are much smaller now.
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    Rock climbing harness in the tree?

    A rock climbing harness is not comfortable while you are hanging in it, and it doesn't offer the flexibility that a tree climbing harness has. Still, it's perfectly fine to use one in a tree, I started out using a cheap and uncomfortable one.
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    Covid Close To You

    My neighbours have it. They seem to be doing okay though, they're young so they should make it through it. This really isn't a joke though, and we aren't really prepared for this in any way either.
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    rope stretch when falling on MRS vs. SRS

    My thoughts on this: If the ratio between load and stretch is linear and the system is perfectly frictionless the stretch should be the same; the rope has half the load, so it stretches half the amount, but at the same time the rope is double the length, which means it stretches double the...
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    That's a local file from your PC though, more specifically the chrome dinosaur game. chrome://dino Not nice of chrome to not let you play it
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    Cambium saver installation

    You can only have lower branches as a backup if you are using a base tie. I dont like the idea of capturing multiple branches in my canopy TIP, it should theoretically work, but it seems sketchy and unnecessary to me.
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    Cambium saver installation

    The Friction on a branch is very small in SRT. You wont damage the branch by not using a friction saver. To damage the tree as little as possible, use a canopy TIP. You'll have the same issue as with the friction saver though: the rope will get cinched around the lowest branch if you capture...
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    Battery Powered Chainsaw/Hedge Trimmer

    The batteries should have about half the capacity at freezing, below freezing things get progressively worse. If you store the batteries in a 30C°/85°F environment until you use them they might warm themselves and work perfectly fine. I still wouldn't use these saws in the winter.
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    New on the Buzz

    Welcome, I'm sure you're going to have a great time!
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    SRT Aerial Rescue

    I dont know how this is actually done, but here are my thoughts: It's theoretically possible, but very unsafe. If you tied of the standing leg of the rope you'd create a base anchor system, but this would leave the climber hanging on a loaded line which might be a problem (climber gets pulled...

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