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Kind of like the degrees of Kevin Bacon thing it starts to get real, all the stay home, social distancing, only emergency industries allowed to work or shut down - when you start to know people who die from Covid.

Wife's sister's good friend's mother passed away yesterday. Happened pretty quickly, handful of days.

It's not business as usual. Hopefully the wakeup call for you is not when someone you know dies.


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My neighbours have it. They seem to be doing okay though, they're young so they should make it through it. This really isn't a joke though, and we aren't really prepared for this in any way either.
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Apparently the father of one of my highschool friends has it.

I just consulted an ICU nurse today. He is off work for two weeks, then on duty for the next two weeks. The last two weeks he was tending a modest handful of coronavirus patients and he expects it to be crazy when he goes back. He thinks we should all be wearing masks when we go out to enclosed structures (shopping, etc.), out of respect for others.

I'm seeing a lot of "famous" people dying of coronavirus in the news, which is weird because I usually don't recognize them. There seems to be a small generational gap between me and some of the old school musicians, playwrites, actors, etc.


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I don't know WTF their problem is, but from my desk, I can see the same six crackheads drive up and down my road probably fifteen fucking times a day, every day.

Anybody wanna put odds on whether we've got CV on my road yet?

WTF is wrong with people?
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Atglen, PA
It’s getting close here too. I live in a very rural, farming community, on an unpaved private lane, but 15 miles in any direction we have sizable cities, and all are pretty well infected. Philadelphia especially is bad, and only 45 minutes drive to the East.

I fear for my mother too, as she is a nurse in a nursing home that has had one case diagnosed, and my mother is especially susceptible as she has a severe heart condition. If she catches it, it’s highly unlikely she will survive.


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My mother (70's) had her spleen removed years ago. The Spleen(sp?) is a big part of the immune system... She's been isolating for 3 weeks now. She had a rough weekend, like tons of folks in the world. I feel sorry for everyone taking all precautions...probably pretty lonely...but smart. I for one, have been talking to my loved ones a lot more these days. This shit sucks! I'm truly sorry for anyone who has experienced loss because of it...
Way too close to me.
So I work as a tree climber for the State of California. Technically I’m an essential worker, but when the VA called my wife a second time and told her to self-isolate for 12 weeks due to pre existing conditions, I decided to take some sick / vacation time to follow the rules and stay home with her. Thursday March 19th was my last State work day.

So last Sunday Mar 29 a client in our little rural town calls and says she has some broken / damaged trees she’d like me to look at ( we had a really serious storm Mar 14-15 weekend) when the snow melts. I say fine.
She calls back Monday Mar 30 to say since it was such a nice day out she was looking around and there’s a tree top laying on her roof.
I go look at the tree Tuesday Mar 31 while she invites me in the house I decline and stay 6 feet from her, walk around the house in the snow, and look at tree. Tell her I’ll be back Friday April 3.
I call her again Wednesday April 1 to get some info for the contract ( I’m only charging $100 for the job, doing a nice thing for a widow, etc)
Friday April 03 she calls me before I leave to tell me she’s not feeling well and wont be following me around in yard but will be there.
I go do the job, don’t go near her ( never even saw her that day). After I’m done, another lady ( her caregiver I believe) comes to the screen door on back deck (6-8 feet from where I’m putting my rope bag in bag) and says how her and my client have been quarantined because they were in Spain!
I finish picking my tools up, hand this lady( at arms length with gloves) a bag containing my contract, she goes in house and gets $ and puts it in bag. I put gloves and bag in my toolbox ( they‘re still in there) and come home, take shower, wash all my clothes.
Sunday April 5 I get a call from my buddy ( this lady’s neighbor - she talked with him 3 feet away for 2 min while she pet his dog last Wednesday ) that my client is now the #5 case in our little community.
So then they were going over the list of who she was in contact with and guess who is not on it ( the lowly tree guy!).
Now we've been in touch with the County Public Health Department who tell us to stay in our house for 14 days (until April 17 since I did the Job on the 3rd).
They recommend my wife and I stay 6 feet apart and use a separate bathroom ( our house is a one bath) and we‘ve been right next to each other the whole time already.
I ask, “ Can I come take a test so we can find out for sure?” and they say no since I have no symptoms.
So now we’re just waiting to see if / when we get sick and how bad it’s gonna be.
Also, yesterday before talking with public health, I went to the post office and got the mail, there’s my signed contract the lady returned via mail. Still no mention of her traveling out of the country or having a test or quarantine or anything of that nature. Again, I’m just the tree guy.
Sorry for the long post, just am thinking it could be a PSA for folks not to trust / get near your clients no matter what.
She had multiple chances to say something to me- just chose not to because she wanted the tree top off her roof.

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
Some people consider us Super Heros...that makes us immune in their minds.

Best regards during isolation. I can't even imagine doing that under one roof. I think I'd have to move into my camper.
@jason and @tom - great posts - here's one more with something to think about with regard to how the disease may present - even doctors aren't sure about symptoms:
People don't/ won't declare travel and people may not recognize they may have it . . . . .
@jason and @tom - great posts - here's one more with something to think about with regard to how the disease may present - even doctors aren't sure about symptoms:
People don't/ won't declare travel and people may not recognize they may have it . . . . .
Yep- even the “officials” aren’t sure.
I got a call yesterday afternoon from the county public health department. She told me based on the county doctor‘s recommendation based on that it’s been a few days and that I have no symptoms, and had limited exposure to the known positive, I’m not mandated to quarantine now. She told me to “ keep an eye out for if I get a fever of over 100.4 degrees.”
Now I think back to how upset I was with the lady for not saying anything to me, and here I am, after having contact with her, being told I don’t have to quarantine.

As far as quarantining in a camper out in the yard, if I had one I’d be doing that.
I have been able to catch up on some organizing and some saw work at least.


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Had a father and son (ages 76 and 56) in my neighborhood die 6 hours apart. Family says the son went to three different hospitals to get tested and was turned away for some reason.

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