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    WTB Mini skid steer in PNW

    Sorry sold my Zahn awhile back...
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    Diesel maintenance scheduje

    Yes, change fuel filter every 5k along with oil, it's too cheap not too
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    6.0 Mechanic on the East Coast

    No thanks on a V10. dt466 getting 5mpg? Seems low. I have an 88 dt466 constantly hauling 25 yards and a 10k chipper, all it needs is oil and filters.
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    ISO better splitter

    I had a Wolfe ridge...I was great. 4 and 6 way wedges and log lift. It was 8.5k new, and I never found that it was too slow
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    Shipping a vehicle

    I've used Wright heavy haul for all my transport needs. They've been great and handle all the logistics
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    F550 Chip dump ok to tow 1890xp?

    Sounds awful high and mighty, but maybe I'm missing something. Care to enlighten me? (If you're using your f250 loaded with 1-2 yards of chips pulling a 6" vermeer then no need to enlighten me).
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    F550 Chip dump ok to tow 1890xp?

    You telling me your trucks dont go home overweight everyday?
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    Bauer Tree Equipment, Ashland OR...Anyone bought from them?

    Havent bought from them, but spoken to Matt several times. He seems like a straight up honest guy. Also, when viewing all his posts on different forums, you get a sense hes a knowledgeable equipment guy that cuts through any BS. just my 2 cents. I've actually been close to buying from him...
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    Fuel efficiency and vehicle options

    Get outta here with those mpgs... are you stock? I'm 13.5 around town and at best 17 hwy. Stock, auto and same gears. Tell me how you're hitting those numbers I would love to know
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    Hemi vs. Cummings

    The biggest advantage is having a C on the side of your truck so everyone can see. Jk, but seriously...
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    Filter numbers for Bandit 2550 stump grinder

    Hey hoping someone can help me out, recently purchased a 2019 Bandit 2550xp stump grinder. Called the dealer for filter numbers because they conveniently painted over the the filters that came with the machine, however all they can give me is Bandit #s that wont cross to Napa #s. The machine...
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    Wtb grapple chipper


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