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    Bowline slippage

    In the situation you describe, a bollard on either end would have been more likely to succeed without rope damage. This experience should not make you doubt a Bowline, just clarify where it can and cannot be used.
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    Tips and Tricks

    Yes you are, but don't feel bad, I've known of some very knowledgeable people that still don't get it. The simplest way to verify this is to set up the 3 systems, a single line, a doubled line and the pictured haul-back system and haul yourself up each one.
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    Tips and Tricks

    No. It is indeed a 3:1 because the puller is the load and is also moving. Many, many, people get that wrong.
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    Bowline slippage

    Graeme did.
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    Root Failure When The Ground is Saturated with Rain

    Reading your past posts, your 'fears' are disproportionately higher than most tree workers. This is a job that has risks. So why pick it as an occupation?
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    Root Failure When The Ground is Saturated with Rain

    This is an honest question and not me just being an ass, but with your ability to find so many things 'fearful', what made you think tree work was a good idea for you?
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    Anyone able to recommend a full Haas Knee ascender setup ?

    I use the Haas Velox without the foot loop. It works great and I have no reservations, mechanically or ethically recommending it.
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    Select and Check your anchor

    No. Much has changed in tree climbing in the last 50+ years. The trees, however, are not one of those. The other comment about 'old or bold' is an adapted saying from the world of pilots, and is just as untrue for them as it is for us. Bold does not mean reckless. Most pilots have nerves...
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    Bigshot Sight/Finder

    With my APTA, I get approximately one foot of altitude per pound of tube pressure. Even though a calculated and gentle lob over a crotch is quite doable, I will rarely do so. Having a bit more air than needed, will create a more consistent shot and the small amount of excess power dissipates...
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    Why do you like the thinner ropes?

    You have been teaching tree people for years, selflessly sharing your time and knowledge. You have earned the right to answer as you please. However, I hear this phrase frequently these days, regarding not doing your homework for you, and find it a bit of a perplexing response. You have real...
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    Chunking a spar without gaffs

    ' @moss, you have some really great ideas but I don't see this as one of those. It is without question that the job shown would have been safer, faster and much easier if spurs had been used. Now it is admirable to have the skills to get a job done, even if the proper tools are not at hand. It...
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    Bigshot Sight/Finder

    A laser works great on an APTA. You simply line it up with the bore so you know exactly where it is pointing without the need to look down the barrel. Holdover for angles and distance quickly become second-nature.
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    Sexism and Homophobia in Arborculture/TreeLife?

    What is normal and how do we deal with it?
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    Comfort Backpad on Treemotion S. Light

    I have used my s.light with the standard pad it comes with and the comfort pad. I prefer the comfort pad. It is stiffer and holds its shape better while at the same time not being so stiff that it changes how the s.light hugs the contours of your hips. Not a huge difference but it is...
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    Silky pole saw replacement

    This i can believe. Aluminum pole conductivity is why I went back to fiberglass poles. Carbon fiber is just as bad. Jameson B-light poles are a good compromise in weight and strength/stiffness while still having decent electrical resistance.

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