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    Looking for owners/boss advice

    The the story goes from one guy causing problems to three? A boss that is more like a friend but has not been kept informed on disruptive behaviors?
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    Looking for owners/boss advice

    What was the "final straw"? Do not make threats or say things that are not actually what you meant in order to achieve your goals. If you are the crew leader, document things as they happen and stop catering to bad or disruptive behaviors. Bosses are not clairvoyant, the accuracy of their...
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    What special training is required for the use of small diameter lines?

    I have been a professional tree climber for over 50 years and fully understand about becoming old a weak. There is no way in hell I would still be doing this job if I had to use a 3:1 hand and arm strength based system. A 1:1 leg based walker system is as easy as it gets.
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    What special training is required for the use of small diameter lines?

    Are you doing something different from all the rest of us that are climbing trees with 1:1 or 2:1 systems and only use a 3:1 as a temporary assist in positioning?
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    What special training is required for the use of small diameter lines?

    It doesn't say much that would clarify what that specific training is. 8.2.4 gives standard 1/2" climbing description and specifications with the exception that, "a line of not less than 7/16 inch (11 mm) diameter may be used, provided that the employer can demonstrate it does not create a...
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    rope runner pro

    I thinking you will like Vortex. I will use it with the RP and even though I'm a lightweight compared to you at about 160 it still works well. It will flatten but its soft hand that makes it so nice to climb on also allows it to return to normal much faster than firmer ropes.
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    Another aerial friction rigging device?

    That worked for me, thanks for posting it!
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    wrecked by Geckos

    I have not used the standard Geckos but the DMM version is very good, having a large, forward swept arch support. It is possible, but not likely that the hip pain being experienced by the OP is from his spurs alone.
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    Another aerial friction rigging device?

    Yup, super fun for light rigging. The main bollard pivots under load increasing friction and pops open for hauling the rope back up.
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    The latest Matt Cornell harness

    Very nice!
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    Double bridges?!?... Reasons?

    Climbers should do and use what they feel works best for how they climb. If that is two bridges, rock on. However, has anyone heard of a failure of the standard Treemotion bridge?
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    Double bridges?!?... Reasons?

    This^ I tried two bridges for awhile and decided that, for me, using a swivel on a single bridge made a better and more consistent self aligning setup when climbing with two separate rope systems.
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    Edit: Buffs are actually ok masks

    Thought some of you might find this interesting. The original paper is within the link.
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    what cultivar of Acer saccharum?

    'Sweet Shadow'
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    Fixes for tired gear, and the decline of Mfgr quality

    Interesting. For me, Shoe Goo rocks! It has been my go-to for when a semi-solid and flexible bond is needed. It sticks to most materials but it does require 24 hour minimum setting time for the bond to reach full strength.

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