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    Municipal Tree Crew Supervisor, City of Wilmington, NC

    I think you guys should up your salary offerings SIGNIFICANTLY. ‘Nuff said.
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    TCIA Death Notices

    AMEN brother preach it! I feel the same way and I have been at the tree biz 40 years, it takes all kinds to make a world. First ran into this syndrome in college when my major professor found out I worked for a tree service and that I intended to make it my profession. He told me most “tree...
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    Southern Arborist works in La. ONLY

    Certified Arborist, TRAQ, CTSP, yadda yadda yingyang all the bells and whistles w/40+ yrs experience looking for a position of supervisor, trainer, facilitator in Louisiana, preferably Baton Rouge La. I own 5Huskys, climbing gear and some light rigging. PM here if interested or call 404.376.7881
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    Certified Arborist/ work

    I am CA, CTSP, TRAQ, BS Forestry LSU. would like to talk to you. Currently living in DeRidder.
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    Certified Post Fire Arborist - California needed!!!

    Please see attached resume'. I am La. native and relocating there soon, for the right position. You may call me any time (resume') to discuss. Thank you.
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    Climbers wanted for Coastal SC tree service

    If you are still looking I would like to talk to you. I am CA and BS Forestry with my own tools. Respond to please.
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    Bucket truck/ tree climber needed

    Is the position still available? I am CA and a La. native with loads of experience. Respond to please.
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    Gunnison Tree Services.

    Thanks I will. Number?
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    Gunnison Tree Services.

    I am a 40 yr veteran located in Douglasville Ga. interested in what positions I may fill for you. See attached resume' For the past year I have been working in Birmingham and commuting weekly. I own my tools and saws, reliable truck, still climbing and not looking to give it up anytime soon...
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    Looking for motivated and experienced tree guy

    Ok. call me about 10
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    Looking for motivated and experienced tree guy

    I will be available next week for an extended visit if you think I should come up.
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    Looking for motivated and experienced tree guy

    I am currently in Atl. area and would like to talk.See attached.
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    Experienced Tree Climber/ Arborist Needed (Boone NC)

    I currently live in W. Ga. but am open to a face to face to discuss details. Please see attached.
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    Where exactly IS the work environment? All I can tell is that your co. is in Ca., correct? Anyway, please see attached
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    ISO Experienced Tree Worker

    I would like to talk to you about this opportunity; please see attached.

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