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    Your Preferred Carabiners?

    Dmm Ultra O here too.
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    tore my oblique

    I tore something in that area last summer. Took 3 months to get to where I could work without terrible pain. Couldn't cough or sneeze. Could only take about a quarter of a breath. About a week in it got worse. Wife finally talked me in to going to er. When I gave in to go I couldn't get out of...
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    rope runner pro

    Can you use a delta link?
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    Need shipping help from an Ameri-friend

    There is 2 boots. There is plenty to go around. Lol. You're welcome to it if you'd like.
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    Whoever's Husky is sitting on the bumper of the green chevy is going to need a new saw soon.
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    Is it on that little red car too?
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    what's in your rigging bags?! Show em up !

    Does Wesspur still sell them?
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    Need shipping help from an Ameri-friend

    I'll help if you'd like me to.
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    “Safely” taking logs out of tree

    I was afraid he was going to rig off of the lift.
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    Efficiently advancing SRS with basal tie

    I sometimes run my tail through the transporter or a biner. Just something to hold the line up there with you. Tie a knot above your hitch when throwing it. If your hitch, especially a mechanical, gets stuck you can pull it back without tailing your rope through it.
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    Efficiently advancing SRS with basal tie

    I advance it like is done in the video. But remember that it is completely disconnected for a bit. If you drop it you better have a groundy that is good with a throwline.
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    Treestuff's New Website

    They do seem to be out of stock on an abnormal amount of items. They're part of Sherrill now too. So some of your items may come from Treestuff and some from Sherrill. You have at least 2 different warehouses shipping items which some of are backordered. Then at least 2 different shipping...
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    Time To Step Up

    Congrats. Stay away from ladders at all costs. They will kill you. Or worse.
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    Comet viewing

    We got in the bucket and went above the trees and saw it last weekend. Used the binoculars to find it then when our eyes adjusted we could just barely see it with the naked eye. I remember seeing Haleys comet in about 1986. I had a telescope then. It was a neest experience for a kid.
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    rope runner pro

    Did he nick his lanyard at about 11:15?

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