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I've been thinking of putting together a contagion kit to keep at home. I personally only know of a very few cases of covid and none of them have been very bad. I assume we will all get it before it's over. The regular flu has been around for over a thousand years so I really think that if they can't eradicate it then there's not much hope for eradicating covid. I really haven't had to change much since it came along except washing my hands a little more and using sanitizer when I have to go to town. Which isn't very often.

Anyone have any suggestions for putting together a box of supplies to keep on hand in case someone close catches it? Things that help with prevention and the symptoms. The 4 or 5 folks I know of that had it said the dr sent them home with no advice other than treat the symptoms. Also supplies for the person taking care of the patient would be helpful to have on hand.

So far I have masks, gloves, thermometer, alcohol sanitizer, alcohol wipes, Acetemophen, immodium, several types of flu relief that was already on hand, cough drops. I was also thinking of bringing the camper home in case someone needed a place to stay. My house isn't really big enough for guests or really to even quarantine if needed. Anyone been through this and have any advice or recommendations? Thanks, Ben.

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